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Hi, at the moment I have my wine in normal wine racks in my apartment. I would however like to get a solution for long term storage of some of my more expensive bottles. Unfortunately I don't have room for a real wine aging/cellar cabinet (e.g. Climadiff CVP143) so my question is if it will be a better solution to store them in a small service wine cabinet/wine fridge (e.g. Climadiff CLS28A) as opposed to on normal wine racks? Specifically I am thinking with regard to humidity and vibrations since I have read that the humidity and vibrations in a normal food fridge can damage the wines when stored there for long periods. Is this also true for service wine cabinets?

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I've never heard of the Climadiff storage option you've described, but in any case this depends on how many years you expect to be storing your wines. A normal fridge can be an option over the relatively short term (only needed in fairly extreme climates), and storage in an internal closet that doesn't experience direct sunlight on its exterior walls can be quite acceptable over the medium term.

Without knowing the area where you live or the wines you intend to store, it's quite impossible to give you any better guidance.
I am living in Denmark ( and I am not thinking of any specific wines but more in general terms if I buy something that would benefit from being aged 3-4 years before being drunk. Right now I have my wine on wine racks on some of my shelves and the main problem I am facing is not a financial one but that my apartment is really small. I would be able to fit one of the small wine fridges (that does not control humidity but some at least claim they are "vibration resistant") but I am afraid that it would actually be worse compared to just keeping them on my shelves as they are now in terms of damage caused by vibrations and low humidity in the wine fridge.
Agreed. What is "normal", what is "long-term", and what is "expensive"? If your apartment doesn't get into the 80s and 90s and you're going to drink the wines in a year or so, I wouldn't worry too much - you're storing like a typical retailer does.

If "normal" means really hot during the day, you can leave the AC on.

If you have wines costing hundreds of dollars a bottle and you want to keep them for 20 years, you should probably get better storage than against the wall!

The fridge won't hurt your wine. People talk about the vibration but I don't think any of those people really have any hard evidence - they're just repeating things read elsewhere. I've never seen a single study demonstrating that the vibration from a fridge will cause any damage whatsoever to wine. You'll be knocking the bottles about fairly frequently, but that also shouldn't be a huge problem if you're careful. Perhaps you'll stir some sediment from time to time. OTOH, the cold will really slow down the aging and I'd rather have the wine refrigerated for 20 years than baked for 20 years.

Finally, some people might suggest that the fridge is too dry. Personally I would completely discount that, but that's just me and if you're worried, you can wrap the tops with Saran Wrap, assuming there aren't capsules already, which would make the wrapping kind of redundant.

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