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Couldn't find the Fonseca. Took bman up on his suggestion to try any other '97 LBV. Found the Dow's and the Graham's. Flipped a coin and picked the Graham's. (Actually, I thought that this would be better competition than the Dow's).

Served alone. No food. Not decanted. It would have helped. On day 1, this was hot on the nose, and in the mouth. But after letting it sit in the glass for an hour, the heat subsided to reveal oodles of blueberry pie filling. Not a very complex wine. In fact, I would say that it was decidedly one dimensional. But that dimension was blueberry pie filling, which I really like. Smile

So from a pure wine critique perspective, I would give it 86 pts. But from a personal enjoyment standpoint, I would bump it by 3 points.

Day 2 showed better. A bit more maple/caramel than before. But still dominated by blueberries. 88 pts.

The last third of the bottle was used to poach some pears. They turned out awesome. But I wouldn't spend $25 for poaching liquid in the future.
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Not got around to a 97 yet but I tend to enjoy this one the best of any LBVs. I like the sweetness. Not as multi-layered as the Taylor's but somehow I always prefer it. I'd normally use a Ruby or cheap vintage character for poaching pears but I'd imagine with Graham's LBV they would be excellent.

"Killer Bees, imagine having such a natural phenomenom"

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