Thanks Bruce.

And both sherries are unavailable. Probably failed lab or something. Absolutely ridiculous. When in the LCBO going to fix their stupid lab process to take into considering wines influenced by flor?

I'm not a particular fan of that bottling. Their Barolo Bussia Dardi Le Rose that was released last month is significantly better.

Anyone grab anything?  I'm sure there were some good bottles in the $50-75 range. I just couldn't be bothered to look into them.

I circled a bunch of stuff in the catalogue but nothing was a "must have". I ended up just buying 2 bottles of the 2006 Paul Bara Champagne.

Ferrer Bobet Vinyes Velles, naturally. I loves me some Carignan.

I don't think many people were interested in much in this catalogue. Very few things sold out by this afternoon.

The Sherries were unavailable, so most of the catalogue was a pass.

Grabbed a bottle of the Pierre Paillard to try out. I'm not always a fan of the producer, finding them fairly linear, but 9 years on less from their top vineyard for $80 seemed fair. Also one of the Poderi Colla Barbaresco. Not expecting it to be amazing, but for $50 I think it'll be alright. I bought more of their Barolo from last release.

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