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I tried 3 different 2001 Pinot Gris wines from Alsace for this month's TAA. Officially the TAA wine is the Albert Mann Furstentum, but I felt that the distribution may not have been widespread enough to include everyone with just this one wine.

2001 Albert Mann Tokay Pinot Gris Grand Cru Furstentum

I paid about $20 for this. Pale apple juice color, tending toward gold. Very ripe tropical nose (guava?) and even a little pine. Rich ripe fruit on the palate with apricots, peaches and more tropical fruit. Very smooth in the mouth but not quite tongue-coating, slightly off-dry. Acidity is relatively low. I detected a touch of bitterness just before the finish, but then the finish lingers long.

I liked this wine a lot, solid value. 91pts.

2001 Albert Mann Tokay Pinot Gris Grand Cru Hengst

About $20. Pale gold color, quite clear. Peach and apricot nose with a steely undertone. Off-dry, medium bodied with strong fruit but a definite mineral edge. Nothing harsh on the palate and the sweetness is offset by terrific acidity. IMO this is the best of the three I’m posting on, 93pts, with potential to improve.

2001 Zind Humbrecht Pinot Gris Wintzenheim Rotenberg

I lost my notes on this, so I'll improvise. I got the for about $32 on sale. Slgihtly deeper color than the Manns. Tropical nose. Strong minerality and good apricots and peaches on the palate with a higher acidity that the Manns. This also seemed to have less residual sugar, to be almost perfectly dry, although I may have been fooled by the acidity. I really like this one too, and would probably rate it in the middle of the others, 92pts. This one probably would be better in 3-5 years as the acidity mellows out.

After writing these notes I found some information on Domaine Albert Mann. It is currently run by the husband and brother-in-law of Albert Mann's granddaughter. They have holdings in 4 grand cru vineyards (the 2 named here, Schlossberg, and Steingrubler), and manage 19 hectares in all.

Furstentum has a brown calcareous soil. Wine has been grown there since at least 1330. Hengst is a shallow stony calcareous soil. Wine has been grown there since the 9th Century. IMO the Hengst terroir showed up in the wine with a prominent steely-mineral component.
If anyone here enjoyed the furstentum and has access to the Hengst I would highly recommend it as a slight step up.

Thanks for playing.

Drink 2001 Alsatian Pinot Gris for the Sept TAA/TATW! Coming Sept 25-26!

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Sorry Grossie but I couldn't find the Mann. Can't say I didn't try though because I went to stores in 6 states and two provinces.

Don't know the Preiss-Zimmer and WS hasn't ever rated their wines. Picked up locally for CDN$23 (US$18).

Pale yellow straw colour with pear and honey on the nose. Medium-full bodied with a buttery mouthfeel and peach flavours. Slightly tart on the finish with some mineral notes. Better paired with red snapper with a corn and leek sauce. 87 points.
Thanks to all (so far) for participating.

Gewurz- I knew I could count on you!

Steve- Thanks for searching, sounds like you had a very average wine unfortunately.

Allred- seems like you liked the experience, I'm glad I could help usher in your Alsace experience.

Everyone else- C'MON!!! I know others tried this! Please don't let my choice flounder like this!

Drink 2001 Alsatian Pinot Gris for the Sept TAA/TATW! Coming Sept 25-26!

My wife and I opened this over the weekend. I bought it for $21 on sale. It was consistent with other Mann wines from the Furstentum vineyard I have had. A light yellow color with good viscosity. Moderately sweet. Creamy aromas of honey, pears and lime. Notes of melon (cantalope) and apricot. This wine faded on the finish a little. Medium to full bodied. 88 points.

(Lady Vino Me contributed the majority of this TN)


Eamus Catuli!!
Sorry if I'm a little late...
Had this wine a couple of nights ago.
Nice nose of passion fruits, the wine had a 'tart' finish when I first opened it but was gone after about 20 mins.
Tastes of melon, apricot and oak.
I think this wine lacks of acidity that could give it a really nice balance...
Not a bad wine at all, I don't have enough experience with the Tokay Pinot gris yet to be able to really judge this wine, will try some more in the near future.
88-89 points
Thanks for playing, Stef, much obliged. I agree about the acidity, it could use a little more.

Jcocktosten- thanks to you too. I think this is a very good wine, but maybe not a great one.

If anyone has access to the 01 Mann Hengst Pinot Gris I think that is a serious winner. I'd like to know what others think.

Drink 2001 Alsatian Pinot Gris for the Sept TAA/TATW! Coming Sept 25-26!

Originally posted by grossie:
If anyone has access to the 01 Mann Hengst Pinot Gris I think that is a serious winner. I'd like to know what others think.

You know, I would love to try it, just didn't see it at winex.
They had some other wines from Albert Mann though, and you made me want to try them grossie, next time I'm over there I'll definatly get some, thank you...
AARRGHHH!!!! Have had computer problems all week.It took 8 hours just to run the advanced Scandisk, and that had to be in safe mode.

Anyway, I had the Paul Blanck Furstentun 2000 Pinot Gris last weekend.This was different from what I usually try to buy ( think crisp and minerally whites).BUT, it was luscious. Kind of shy on aroma, some hints at peach and apricot. An off dry, luscious fruity taste throughout. It did have at the end of each sip a nice bit of balancing acidity, and a whiff/taste of mineral.

This is not what i would have with dinner, but to sip on the deck on a summer night, just perfect.
Sorry for being late. I was drinking this while watching the BEARS get beat by the Vikings. This week also sucked for CUB fans too. Anyway .....

I got mine at SAM's in D.G. for $26.92(inc/tx). They had a good stock on hand. They also had three(3) cases of last month's selection too. I take full credit for selling at least one(1) of those cases (individual bottle sales) to people through conversation. Anyway .....

This was surprisingly much better than I expected. Generally speaking, I don't, for my own personal reasons, as silly as they may be, do French wines. It's got a very attractive nose, w/ tropical flavors, primarily melon. I found it's flavor rich and full; nicely balanced. I noticed tastes of pear and peach. Complex, I thought, for a white. It was also sweeter than I was expecting. A good sweet, somewhat mature and not at all like a "fruit punch" sweet. It's texture was creamy. All in all, it was very nice. 91-92 pts. (I could go higher, but not for a French, and not for $27)


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Originally posted by STEF1204:
Originally posted by Francis S:
(I could go higher, but not for a French)

Eh? ..... Now you have to explain me your point... Confused

Originally posted by Gewurz Lover:
Yeah, aren't wine scorings supposed to be objective to your tastes not your dislike of a country?

Only that, in respect to grossie's request, you'll have to ask me for my explanation on the MTH board (I'm in no way looking for a poke in the eye). Please, feel free to ask me anything you like.


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Sorry for the delay, grossie. I didn't get a chance to crack this open until I got back from Asia yesterday.

Bright yellow-gold color. The nose smelled just like applesauce, straight down to a trace of cinnamon. Off-dry peach and caramel flavors. Full-bodied, creamy texture. A bit of heat on the finish. A tad too sweet for my taste in Alsatian TPG. In fact my wife guessed it was a German riesling - there were a lot of similarites. 88P.

Thanks for picking an Alsatian, grossie. It is one of my favorite regions.


I have been meaning to open this wine for a few weeks. Unfortunately, I had to choose a relatively cheap one since I am on modified wine probation.

Trimbach 2001 Pinot Gris Reserve
A subtle nose reveals delicate lemongrass, petrol and just a hint of lavender (very interesting and not at all unpleasant). The palate unveils more intensity and strength with citrus peel, honeysuckle and flowers admist a lively and balanced texture. What a nice everyday sipper with loads of complexity.
87 points


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