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Schoolmarm -

One question I have is that it says Sens. Eval. is an intermediate course and that one should have taken the ABC's of wine tasting course first...

How could I determine if I really need the ABC's class to fully appreciate the Sensory Evaluation class? I would hate to purchase the first, only to find that it is covering material with which I am already familiar...
I took Sensory Evaluation first and didn't expect much. It was an exceptional, eye opening class. Well worth it.

Be sure to order wines in advance -- they are too specific in vintage and type to rush to your local wine store, however well-stocked. I found mine on Sherry-Lehman over the Internet.

Also, note you can't zip through the tastings. I'd give each tasting at least two hours.
Well, I plan on taking the course, and afterward would love to share notes w/ you...I don't know what you level of experience is, but I am interested in finding someone else who is in the learning stages off of whom I can bounce thoughts.

What do you think was your total cost for the wines included in the class?

re: your name...I assume you're out on the North Fork, and I'm hoping to make a trip out to visit some tasting rooms out there...Any in particular you would recommend?

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