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I am selling my wine collection largely of Pinot Noir from Oregon and California but I also have a fair variety from other places with different varietals. I have Williams Selyem, Merry Edwards, Beaux Freres, Domaine Serene, Domaine Drouhin, Domaine Divio, Trisaetum, Bergstrom, Kosta Browne, Sea Smoke, Ken Wright, Brick House, Roco, Archery Summit, Arterberry Maresh, White Rose, and Eminent Domaine wines among others. Also have Solaia, Insignia, Caymus, Cos d'Etournel, Chateau de Beaucastle, and some French Burgundy and Bordeaux wines. I live in north Florida. Let me know if any of these interest you or if you want more details.  Thank you.

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John Stegeman Wine    
QuantityWineryDescriptionUnit PriceQuantity in StockWhat I Paid for ItRatingsWhere stored
1AllegriniAmarone della Valpolicella 2011$73.001$73.00JS 94 W&S 92 WS 91wine cooler
1AntinoriSolaia 2015$399.001$399.00RP 100 JS 100 WS 98 WE 98wine cooler
1Aramenta CellarsPinot Noir 2013$32.001$32.00 wine cooler
1Aramenta CellarsPinor Noir 2014$32.001$32.00 wine cooler
1Archery SummitAb Ovo Pinot Gris 2016$65.001$65.00WW 90wine rack
1Archery SummitArcher's Edge Vineyard P.N. 2016$90.001$90.00WE 91wine rack
1Archery SummitArcus Vineyard P.N. 2015$125.001$125.00WE 93 WS 91wine cooler
2Archery SummitArcus Vineyard P.N. 2016$125.002$250.00WE 93 JS 93 RP 92 WS 92 D 91wine rack
2Archery SummitLooney Vineyard P.N. 2016$90.002$180.00 wine rack
1Archery SummitRed Hills Vineyard P.N. 2015$90.001$90.00WE 93 RP 91wine rack
1Archery SummitSummit Vineyard P.N. 2016$150.001$150.00WE 92wine rack
1Archery SummitWillamette Valley P.N. 2017$45.001$45.00WS 92wine rack
1Arterberry MareshDundee Hills P.N. 2015$60.001$60.00 wine rack
2Arterberry MareshDux Vineyard Chardonnay 2017$49.002$98.00WS 94wine rack
1Arterberry MareshMaresh Chardonnay 2017$69.001$69.00WS 92wine rack
1Arterberry MareshMaresh P.N. 2016$69.001$69.00WS 96wine rack
1Arterberry MareshMaresh P.N. 2017$69.001$69.00WS 96wine rack
1Arterberry MareshOld Vines P.N. 2016$69.001$69.00WS 96wine rack
1AuroxLia's Vineyard P.N. 2015$38.001$38.00 wine rack
1BaldacciStags Leap District Cabernet Sauvignon 2013$100.001$100.00 wine cooler
1Beaux FreresBelles Soeurs Cuvee 2017$95.001$95.00JS 95 WS 94wine cooler
1Beaux FreresBelles Soeurs Cuvee 2018$95.001$95.00 wine rack
1Beaux FreresGran Moraine 2015$75.001$75.00 wine cooler
2Beaux FreresHyland 2012$42.002$84.00 wine cooler
1Beaux FreresPalisage 2017$150.001$150.00 wine rack
1Beaux FreresSequitur 2017$85.001$85.00WE 93wine cooler
1Beaux FreresThe Beaux Freres Vineyard 2017$95.001$95.00JS 96 WS 95wine rack
1Beaux FreresThe Beaux Freres Vineyard 2018$95.001$95.00 wine rack
1Beaux FreresThe Upper Terrace 2015$110.001$110.00WS 95wine cooler
1Beaux FreresThe Upper Terrace 2017$110.001$110.00WS 96 JS 96wine cooler
1Beaux FreresThe Upper Terrace 2018$110.001$110.00 wine rack
1Beaux FreresWillamette Valley Chardonnay 2014$75.001$75.00 wine cooler
1Beaux FreresWillamette Valley P.N. 2017$75.001$75.00WS 93wine rack
1Bells UpTitan 2015$40.001$40.00WE 90wine cooler
1Bergstrom Bergstrom Vineyard 2016$110.001$110.00RP 96 WE 94 JS 94 WS 94wine rack
1Bergstrom Bergstrom Vineyard 2017$110.001$110.00JS 94 WE 93 WS 94wine cooler
2Bergstrom Gregory Ranch 2016$62.001$62.00W&S 92 WS 91 WE 91 RP 90wine rack
1Bergstrom Le Pre du Col 2017$85.002$170.00JS 96 WE 92wine rack
1Bergstrom Shea Vineyard 2016$62.001$62.00WE 93wine rack
1Bergstrom Shea Vineyard 2017$70.001$70.00WS 94 WE 94wine rack
1Bergstrom Sigrid Chardonnay 2015$95.001$95.00JS 95 RP 95 WE 94 WS 90wine rack
1Bergstrom Sigrid Chardonnay 2015$95.001$95.00JS 95 RP 95 WE 94 WS 901 wine cooler
1Bergstrom Sigrid Chardonnay 2016$100.001$100.00WE 95 W&S 941 wine rack
1Bergstrom Silice 2016$75.001$75.00RP 93 W&S 93 WE 90wine rack
1Bergstrom Winery Block 2017$100.001$100.00WE 94 IWR 94wine cooler
3Brick HouseEvelyn's P.N. 2014$60.001$60.00WE 93 WS 93 RP 92 JS 92wine rack
1Brick HouseEvelyn's P.N. 2015$60.003$180.00WE 94 RP 93 WS 92 W&S 92wine rack
1CaymusCabernet Sauvignon 2014$70.001$70.00RP 94 WW 91 WS 90wine rack
1Chateau de ChantgrivesGraves 2012$30.001$30.00WE 92wine cooler
1Chateau d'ArmailhacPauillac 2016$44.001$44.00JS 95 JD 94 RP 93 WS 93 D 93 CG 91wine cooler
1Chateau de BeaucastelChateneuf-du-Pape 2015$79.001$79.00WS 97 JS 97 RP 96 JD 96 D 95wine cooler
1Chateau Larrivet Haut Brion Pessac-Leognan 2009$40.001$40.00WE 92 WS 91 RP 91wine cooler
1Chateau Les Carmes Haut BrionPessac-Leognan 2010$60.001$60.00JS 94wine cooler
1Chateau Lilian Ladouys Saint Estephe 2010$39.001$39.00WE 94 JS 91wine cooler
1Cos d'EstournelSaint Estephe 2016$235.001$235.00JS 100 RP 100 V 100 JD 99 D 97 WS 96wine cooler
1DeovletSanford & Benedict Vineyard 2015$60.001$60.00RP 93 V 93 JD 91wine cooler
2De Ponte CellarsDundee Hills P.N. 2014$47.001$47.00 wine rack
1Domaine des PerdrixNuits St. Georges 1er Cru Aux Perdrix 2014$59.002$118.00D 93 BH 91wine cooler
3Domaine DivioChehalem Mts. 2016$55.001$55.00V 94 WE 92wine rack
1Domaine DivioChehalem Mts. 2017$55.003$165.00WE 93wine rack
1Domaine DivioCremant$55.001$55.00 wine rack
2Domaine DivioCuvee du Patron 2018$30.001$30.00 wine rack
1Domaine DivioDundee Hills P.N. 2017$48.002$96.00WE 92wine rack
2Domaine DivioDundee Hills P.N. 2018$48.002$96.00 wine rack
6Domaine DivioEola-Amity Hills 2017$48.001$48.00WE 94wine rack
2Domaine DivioEola-Amity Hills 2018$48.002$96.00 wine rack
3Domaine DivioEstate Chardonnay Clos Gallia 2017 (magnum)$130.001$130.00 wine rack
2Domaine DivioEstate Clos Gallia P.N. 2017$55.006$330.00 wine rack
1Domaine DivioGuadalupe Vineyard P.N. 2013$65.003$195.00 wine rack
2Domaine DivioHyland P.N. 2016$50.002$100.00WE 92 WS 92wine rack
1Domaine DivioKalita Vineyard P.N. 2017$55.003$165.00 wine rack
1Domaine DivioRed Blend Passetoutgrain 2018$25.002$50.00WE 91wine rack
2Domaine DivioRibbon Ridge 2017$48.001$48.00WE 94 JS 93wine rack
2Domaine DivioRibbon Ridge 2018$48.002$96.00 wine rack
1Domaine DivioToison d'Or 2015$100.001$100.00 wine rack
1Domaine DivioWillamette Valley Chardonnay 2017$50.002$100.00WE 94wine rack
1Domaine DivioWillamette Valley P.N. 2017$32.001$32.00JS 92 IWR 90 WE 90wine rack
1Domaine DivioYamhill-Carlton P.N. 2017$60.001$60.00WE 93wine rack
4Domaine DivioWillamette Valley Rose 2019$28.004$112.00 wine rack
2Domaine DrouhinEdition Limitee P.N. 2015$85.001$85.00 wine rack
1Domaine DrouhinRoserock Zephirine P.N. 2015$60.001$60.00JS 98 TP 95 RP 93 WE 93 WS 91wine cooler
1Domaine DrouhinRoserock Zephirine P.N. 2015$60.002$120.00JS 98 TP 95 RP 93 WE 93 WS 91wine cooler
1Domaine Michel GrosVosne Romanee 1er Cru Clos de Reas 2015$159.001$159.00BH 89-92wine rack
1Domaine Roger BellandChassagne-Montrachet Clos Pitois 1er Cru 2014$69.001$69.00 wine rack
1Domaine SereneCoeur Blanc 2016$95.001$95.00IWR 95 WE 92wine rack
1Domaine SereneCote Sud Vineyard P.N. 2015$100.001$100.00IWR 94 JS 93 WE 93wine cooler
1Domaine SereneEvenstad Reserve Chardonnay 2016$65.001$65.00JS 95 D 95wine cooler
1Domaine SereneEvenstad Reserve P.N. 2014$75.001$75.00JS 95 WE 94 WW 94 WS 92wine cooler
1Domaine SereneEvenstad Reserve P.N. 2015$75.001$75.00TP 95 WE 94 WS 94 JS 94 RP 90wine rack
1Domaine SereneMonogram 2014$275.001$275.00JS 97 IWR 96wine rack
1Domaine SereneWinery Hill P.N. 2015$100.001$100.00WE 94 IWR 94wine cooler
1Drouhin-Vaudon Chablis 1er Cru Secher 2015$50.001$50.00 wine rack
1Eminent DomaineRibbon Ridge Estate P.N. 2014$40.001$40.00WS 93wine cooler
1Eminent DomaineRibbon Ridge Reserve P.N. 2014$96.001$96.00WS 96wine cooler
1Eminent DomaineRibbon Ridge Reserve P.N. 2016$90.001$90.00WS 95wine rack
1En RouteLes Pommiers P.N. 2016$44.001$44.00JS 93 WW 92wine rack
1FoxenBlock 8 Bien Nacido Vineyard P.N. 2015$65.001$65.00WE 96 RP 93 JD 92wine rack
1Isla RaeCabernet Sauvignon 2017$41.001$41.00 wine rack
1(Domaine) Jean ChauvenetNuits St. Georges 1er Cru Rue de Chaux 2009$80.001$80.00BH 89-92wine rack
1Joseph DrouhinAloxe Corton 2015$58.001$58.00 wine cooler
1Joseph PhelpsInsignia 2016$240.001$240.00RP 99 JS 98 WE 98 JD 97 CG 96 WS 95wine cooler
1K VintnersThe Beautiful Syrah 2014$65.001$65.00RP 97 JS 95 WS 94wine cooler
2Ken WrightAbbott Claim Vineyard P.N. 2013$62.001$62.00WS 91wine rack
1Ken WrightBonnie Jean Vineyard P.N. 2014$62.001$62.00WE 94 WS 92 RP 90wine rack
2Ken WrightFreedom Hill Vineyard P.N. 2016$62.002$124.00WE 95 WS 94 JS 92wine rack
1Ken WrightGuadalupe Vineyard P.N. 2014$62.001$62.00WE 92 RP 91 WS 91wine rack
2Ken WrightLatchkey Vineyard P.N. 2016$62.002$124.00WS 93 WE 93 JS 92wine rack
2Ken WrightSavoya Vineyard P.N. 2016$62.002$124.00WE 92wine rack
1Ken WrightShea Vineyard P.N. 2015$62.001$62.00WS 92wine rack
1Ken WrightShea Vineyard P.N. 2016$62.002$62.00WE 97 JS 93wine rack
1Ken WrightWillamette Valley P.N. 2015$22.001$22.00WS 90wine rack
1Kosta BrowneGap's Crown Vineyard P.N. 2016$134.001$134.00JS 96 JD 95 WW 95 WS 93 RP 93wine rack
1Kosta BrowneGiusti Ranch P.N. 2016$139.001$139.00JD 96 JS 96 RP 94wine rack
1LafondPinot Noir 2014$27.001$27.00WS 93wine rack
1LiparitaAtlas Peak Heritage Cabernet Sauvignon 2017$50.001$50.00 wine rack
1MascotaUnanime 2013$27.001$27.00JS 94wine rack
1Merry Edwards40$96.001$96.00WE 92wine rack
1Merry EdwardsBucher P.N. 2016$63.001$63.00WA 93 WE 93wine cooler
1Merry EdwardsCoopersmith P.N. 2016$68.001$68.00WE 95wine rack
1Merry EdwardsCoopersmith P.N. 2018$72.001$72.00 wine rack
1Merry EdwardsCuvee Charles Li P.N. 2017$120.001$120.00RP 94wine rack
1Merry EdwardsFlax Vineyard P.N. 2015$63.001$63.00WE 94 RP 93wine cooler
1Merry EdwardsGeorgeanne P.N. 2015$63.001$63.00RP 94wine rack
1Merry EdwardsGeorgeanne P.N. 2017$63.001$63.00WE 94 RP 93 WS 92 JD 91wine cooler
1Merry EdwardsGeorgeanne P.N. 2018$66.001$66.00 wine rack
1Merry EdwardsKlopp Ranch P.N. 2015$63.001$63.00WE 95 RP 93wine rack
1Merry EdwardsMeredith Estate P.N. 2014$68.001$68.00WE 94 RP 94wine rack
1Merry EdwardsMeredith Estate P.N. 2017$68.001$68.00 wine
1Merry EdwardsOlivet Lane Chardonnay 2016$63.001$63.00W&S 93 JD 91 WS 90wine rack
1Merry EdwardsOlivet Lane Chardonnay 2018$68.001$68.00 wine rack
3Merry EdwardsOlivet Lane P.N. 2016$68.001$68.00RP 94 WE 94 WS 90wine cooler
1Merry EdwardsOlivet Lane P.N. 2018$72.001$72.00 wine rack
1Merry EdwardsRussian River Valley P.N. 2018$55.001$55.00 wine rack
1Merry EdwardsSauvignon Blanc 2017$36.001$36.00TP 94 W&S 91 WE 90 WS 90wine rack
1Merry EdwardsSauvignon Blanc 2018$36.003$108.00WS 93 RP 92wine rack
1Merry EdwardsSonoma Coast P.N. 2016$48.001$48.00W&S 93 WE 93wine rack
1Merry EdwardsVintage 20$120.001$120.00WE 92wine rack
1Merry EdwardsWarren's Hill P.N. 2017$63.001$63.00WE 93wine cooler
1NegrettiBarolo 2013$70.001$70.00JS 93wine rack
1Nikolaihof Wachau Steiner Hund Dry Riesling 2014$89.001$89.00JS 98 WE 96 WA 94wine rack
1PenfoldsRWT Bin 798 Shiraz 2016$150.001$150.00JD 99 RP 97 JS 96 WS 94wine cooler
1Pio CesareBarolo 2015$69.001$69.00JS 96 D 95 RP 94 WE 94 W&S 94 WS 91wine rack
1Powell Hill WineryMaresh Red Hills Vineyard Martha's White Wine 2016$26.001$26.00 wine rack
1Quinta do Vale MeaoDouro 2015$89.001$89.00WE 98 WS 94 RP 91wine rack
1ReneiriBrunello di Montalcino 2011$50.001$50.00JS 94wine cooler
1RocoAncient Waters P.N. 2017$75.001$75.00 wine cooler
2RocoMarsh Estate P.N. 2015$50.001$50.00JS 94 V 93 WE 90wine rack
1RocoMarsh Estate P.N. 2015$50.001$50.00JS 94 V 93 WE 90wine rack
1RocoPrivate Stash P.N. 2014$95.002$190.00JS 95 IWR 94 WS 93 WE 91wine cooler
1RocoRMS Brut 2015$65.001$65.00IWR 94 WE 93 JS 91 WS 91wine cooler
1 RocoRMS Brut Rose 2016$65.001$65.00IWR 95 WE 94 WS 91wine rack
1RocoWits' End Vineyard P.N. 2014$60.001$60.00IWR 93 WE 91 WS 91wine rack
1Saint CosmeCotes du Rhone 2017$13.001$13.00JS 91 RP 90wine rack
2Sea SmokeSouthing 2017$69.001$69.00 wine rack
1Sea SmokeTen 2016$100.001$100.00TP 95wine rack
2StyringSignature Estate P.N. 2015$35.002$70.00WE 93, All American Top 30 Pinot 2019wine rack
1StyringWit Reserve P.N. 2015$75.001$75.00WE 96/Top 100 Cellar Selectionwine rack
1Ten AcreBoots Block P.N. 2013$55.001$55.00 wine cooler
1TorialRed Wine Blend 2014$35.001$35.00 wine rack
1TrisaetumCoast Range Chardonnay 2016$49.001$49.00JS 95wine rack
1TrisaetumCoast Range Chardonnay 2017$49.001$49.00 wine rack
1TrisaetumCoast Range Estate P.N. 2016$45.001$45.00WS 94 RP 91 JS 91 WE 91wine rack
1TrisaetumCoast Range Estate Dry Riesling 2019$42.001$42.00 wine rack
3TrisaetumEstates Reserve Dry Riesling 2017$42.001$42.00WE 92wine rack
1TrisaetumEstates Reserve P.N. 2015$65.001$65.00WE 92wine rack
1TrisaetumFamily Reserve P.N. 2014$100.003$300.00WE 94wine rack
1TrisaetumFamily Reserve P.N. 2015$100.001$100.00WE 94wine rack
1TrisaetumNuit Blanche 2017$38.001$38.00 wine rack
1TrisaetumRibbon Ridge Estate Riesling 2017$32.001$32.00WE 94wine rack
2TrisaetumRibbon Ridge Estate P.N. 2018$55.002$110.00 wine rack
3Trisaetum Rose of Pinot Noir 2019$30.003$90.00 wine rack
1TrisaetumWichmann Dundee Dry Riesling 2018$42.001$42.00WE 94 (Editor's Choice)wine cooler
1TrisaetumWichmann Dundee Estate Dry Riesling 2019$42.001$42.00 wine rack
1TrisaetumWichmann Dundee Estate P.N. 2015$49.001$49.00WE 94wine rack
1TrisaetumWichmann Dundee Estate P.N. 2018$55.001$55.00 wine rack
1UtopiaFolin Vineyard Grenache 2016$50.001$50.00 wine rack
1UtopiaParadise P.N. 2014$65.001$65.00 wine rack
1Vasco SassettiBrunello di Montalcino 20009$42.001$42.00 wine cooler
1White RoseCooperage Durant Vnyd. French Oak 2015$60.001$60.00 wine cooler
1White RoseCooperage Lia's Vnyd. Francois Freres 2015$60.001$60.00 wine rack
1White RoseGuillen Vineyard 2014$80.001$80.00 wine rack
1Williams SelyemAllen Vineyard Chardonnay 2017$65.001$65.00 wine rack
1Williams SelyemAllen Vineyard P.N. 2013$100.001$100.00WE 96 V 93 BH 92 RP 90wine rack
1Williams SelyemAllen Vineyard P.N. 2016$85.001$85.00WE 94 JD 94 RP 94wine rack
1Williams SelyemAllen Vineyard P.N. 2017$85.001$85.00RP 93 CG 91wine rack
1Williams SelyemBlock 10 P.N. 2017$100.001$100.00 wine rack
1Williams SelyemBucher Vineyard P.N. 2017$65.001$65.00WW 92 V 92 RP 91 CG 90wine rack
1Williams SelyemBurt Williams Morning Dew Ranch P.N. 2016$65.001$65.00WE 93 RP 92wine rack
2Williams SelyemCalegari Vineyard P.N. 2016$65.001$65.00WE 93 RP 93wine rack
2Williams SelyemCalegari Vineyard P.N. 2017$65.001$65.00WW 94 RP 93wine rack
2Williams SelyemCentral Coast P.N. 2018$39.002$78.00 wine rack
1Williams SelyemChenin Blanc 2017$39.002$78.00 wine rack
1Williams SelyemCoastlands Vineyard P.N. 2017$85.002$170.00V 96 RP 93wine rack
1Williams SelyemDrake Estate Chardonnay 2017$65.001$65.00 wine rack
1Williams SelyemEastside Road Neighbors P.N. 2016$59.001$59.00RP 93wine rack
1Williams SelyemEastside Road Neighbors P.N. 2017$59.001$59.00V 94 WS 94wine rack
1Williams SelyemFanucchi-Wood Rd. Zinfandel 2018$65.001$65.00 wine rack
1Williams SelyemFerrington Vineyard P.N. 2016$65.001$65.00WE 93 RP 93wine rack
1Williams SelyemFerrington Vineyard P.N. 2017$65.001$65.00WW 95 V 94 CG 93 WS 92 RP 92wine rack
2Williams SelyemFoss Vineyard P.N. 2017$65.001$65.00V 93wine rack
2Williams SelyemHeintz Vineyard Chardonnay 2017$65.001$65.00WE 94 WA 94 W&S 93wine rack
1Williams SelyemHeintz Vineyard Chardonnay 2018$65.001$65.00 wine rack
1Williams SelyemLewis MacGregor Vineyard P.N. 2016$85.002$170.00RP 95 WE 94 JD 91wine rack
1Williams SelyemLewis MacGregor Vineyard P.N. 2017$85.002$170.00RP 95wine rack
1Williams SelyemLuella's Vineyard P.N. 2017$100.001$100.00 wine rack
1Williams SelyemOlivet Lane Chardonnay 2017$65.001$68.00WA 94 WE 94 W&S 93wine rack
1Williams SelyemOlivet Lane Chardonnay 2018$65.001$65.00 wine rack
1Williams SelyemOlivet Lane P.N. 2016$78.001$78.00WE 94 RP 93 W&S 90wine rack
1Williams SelyemOlivet Lane P.N. 2017$88.001$88.00WE 98 WA 94 V 94 W&S 92wine cooler
1Williams SelyemOlivet Lane P.N. 2018$78.002$156.00 wine rack
1Williams SelyemPapera Vnyd. Zinfandel 2018$65.001$65.00 wine rack
1Williams SelyemPrecious Mountain Vineyard P.N. 2016$95.001$95.00JD 92 RP 92 WE 91wine rack
1Williams SelyemPrecious Mountain Vineyard P.N. 2017$105.001$105.00V 95 RP 92 WS 92wine cooler
1Williams SelyemRochioli Riverblock P.N. 2017$85.001$85.00WS 93wine rack
1Williams SelyemRussian River Valley P.N. 2016$58.001$58.00WE 92 RP 91wine rack
4Williams SelyemRussian River Valley P.N. 2018$58.004$232.00 wine rack
1Williams SelyemSaitone Vineyard Zinfandel 2017$65.001$65.00RP 93wine rack
1Williams SelyemSonoma Coast P.N. 2018$58.001$58.00 wine rack
3Williams SelyemSonoma County P.N. 2018$39.003$117.00 wine rack
1Williams SelyemTerra de Promissio P.N. 2016$58.001$58.00WE 93 RP 92wine rack
1Williams SelyemTerra de Promissio P.N. 2017$58.001$58.00WE 98 V 94 WA 93wine rack
2Williams SelyemTerra de Promissio P.N. 2018$58.002$116.00 wine rack
1Williams SelyemUnoaked Chardonnay 2017$39.001$39.00WE 95 WA 90wine rack
4Williams SelyemUnoaked Chardonnay 2018$39.004$156.00 wine rack
1Williams SelyemVista Verde Vineyard P.N. 2017$59.001$59.00RP 93 WW 92 CG 90wine rack
1Williams SelyemWeir Vineyard P.N. 2016$65.001$65.00WE 95 W&S 94 RP 93wine rack
3Williams SelyemWeir Vineyard P.N. 2017$65.001$65.00WW 93 V 93 RP 93wine rack
1Williams SelyemWestside Road Neighbors P.N. 2016$72.001$72.00WE 94 RP 93 W&S 92wine rack
4Williams SelyemWestside Road Neighbors P.N. 2017$72.003$216.00WE 97 WW 95 JD 95 RP 93 CG 91wine rack
1Williams SelyemWestside Road Neighbors P.N. 2018$75.001$75.00 wine rack
1Williams SelyemWilliams Selyem Estate Chardonnay 2017$65.001$65.00 wine rack
1Williams SelyemWilliams Selyem Estate P.N. 2017$110.004$440.00V 94 WS 94wine rack
 WinderleaWeber Vineyard P.N. 2015$68.001$68.00WE 91wine rack
 (Domaine) Yves Boyeur-MartenotPuligny-Montrachet "Reuchaut" 2017$69.001$69.00 wine rack
       wine rack

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