Prefer buyer in So. California area for collection of mostly '99 highly rated 90+ pt California Cabs and 90+ pt. 2000 Bordeaux. Motivated to sell this week. Approx 100 - 125 bottles. If in position to purchase immediately at a substantial savings, contact me for a complete listing. E-Mail:
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Thanks again for the smooth transaction. Everything was better than described.

Loved the entire collection, what an exceptional value. Thanks again.

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ttepper-This is what people try to do to build credibility. They make it look like they've had a bunch of positive transactions so when you buy from them in the future you think they are established. Meanwhile, they hope to reel someone in on an offer that is too good to be true (and it is). People do this on auction sites too. Shill raters, like shill bidders are some of the lowest form of human life on the earth.
Sorry eno...I'm very jaded when it comes to anonymous internet sales and auctions and shady characters. I was separated from a good chunk of change, years back on ebay. The person had good ratings until he scammed a whole bunch of us. It turned out, upon investigation (mine, not ebay's who couldn't give a crap) that all the ratings were shill. Afterwards, I would watch internet aution sites looking for shill bidders and raters (It is easy to do) and found there were alot of them. I have bought wine from this thread, as well as from people on vinocellar, but only from people who have been around for a while and are established. It is only a matter of time before someone goes through great lengths to establish themselves on this board in order to rip people off at some future date. Besides, I'm cynical by nature. Wink
Eno & Zeke,

I can understand the skepticism. Whenever there is a buck to be made you can count on every slime ball under the sun to come out and it's unfortunate. This forum is particularly vunerable to it due to the dependancy on trust which, unfortunately, has deteriorated in recent times.
I know that's a pessimistic view but current reality. Locally we just had a case of a freshman college student who ran a scam on the internet offering incredible airline fairs to the aloha state. The website was extremely professional looking and showed what lengths people will go to cheat people. As Zeke said, unless I know a seller as a regular poster here I would never even consider sending them dollar one.
LOL!..These comments and responses to this ONE-TIME purchase, are so petty, childish and immature. But if you feel that it's imperative to engage in such trifling matters, by all means enjoy yourself reliving your high school days.

Bella Juntos

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It smelled bad then, it smells worse now. In fact, I think I smell a large wine sale coming up....

I have bought wine from a couple of strangers on this board without incident. It would really piss me off if someone pulled fraud here. I would also do everything I could to hunt them down, including calling the police. Checks need to be cashed and therefore leave a trail.

For anyone considering buying from a stranger get a name, phone number, and address. Call the person, and try to get a work number too. It's no guarantee, but it's better than just an email address.

Yes, but I came here for an argument.

Oh! Oh! I'm sorry, this is abuse.
Rigga, I don't sell wine nor do I intent to sell wine. In fact, I'm here to learn about wine. I suggest you take your alligations of "attempting to commit fraud" to where fraud is actually taking place instead of pointing the finger. I'm part of DT Enterprise as an REA what's the big deal?


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