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I am selling

Chateaux de Fesles 97 Bonnezeaux (750ml.)
Great wine, I believe 91 or 93 pts. Spectator, from a lesser known Loire Appelation. Sweet Chenin simmilar to Quarts de Chaume. I love it, nut I have alot and and foulnd another great buy that I needs ome money for.
Up to a case available. $65 ea plus shipping.

JJ Prum 99 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese (750ml)
Also a great wine, obviosly. Unfortunatly these wines were often overlooked till all the press on the 01's, but I think this wine is easil as good, and has much more aging capability. I think 91 points Spectator. I can't stress enough how good this is but again I bought alot, and I need to liquidify some. Sorry for the bad pun. 2 cases plus available. $45 ea plus shipping.

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