I recently saw a blurb in Readers Digest which said that somewhere on this site there is information about the second label(s) of major wineries. I'm new to this site -- does anyone know where I might find this information?
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Welcome to the boards! We're a good bunch--promise Big Grin. Here's the link I think you're looking for:

Second Wines/Second Labels

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I got the impression from the RD article that it was something of a compilation of second labels from various wineries.... so, for example, you could go to a store and see a label and know it was the second label of such-and-such winery ...
I was recently at a website (not this one) that actually had the second labels in Bordeaux listed out...If I run across it again, I'll post the link..otherwise, if anyone else out there has seen this site (or one like it) the link here would be cool. Big Grin
I heard that the second label of Boone's Farm was Night Train. Hope this helps. Big Grin

In all seriousness, welcome to the boards. Enjoy your stay.


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