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i dont feel like driving out to one of the beaches to collect some dirty seaweed

but anybody know of a decent replacement that 's readily available?

Banana leaves or soaked cork husks? Fish monger should have some seaweed without having to go to the shore though.
I'm not sure whether or not the seaweed is meant to provide some extra flavour (and salt) in the clambake.

If it's about the flavour, any Japanese market will have sheets of dried seaweed that are used for sushi. Soak them well beforehand, and you have a pretty similar product in taste. Sometimes you can find slightly thicker sheets that are used in other dishes; if you can get that kind, even better.

Personally, I don't think it matters very much what you throw into a clambake as long as it's clams and corn on the cob. To me, a clambake is more about the fun factor than about the exquisite culinary nuances of the dish. Smile

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