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On Friday, April 29th, I am putting together a Port tasting/seminar and dinner at a local fine dining establishment in Seattle.

This is a Not-For-Profit evening of Port education with a tutored tasting of solid Ports, the majority of which will be Vintage Ports.

The cost will include dinner and a split of the cost of the Ports, by the number of attendees.

I hope to meet a number of you from the local area that have either a budding interest in Port or a very serious love for it.

Either way, I am confident you will come away with a much better understanding of Port and will enjoy a very nice selection!

If you prefer to email me directly, please feel free to do so:
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Unfortunately, I am previously engaged for next Tues. but would have enjoyed that, as I not only like Bdx. but have a soft spot for Daniel's. I was the purchasing director and in charge of wine buying/lists for the Schwartz Bros. Restaurants (Cucina! Cucina! division) for a number of years in its heyday. Actually, that is what brought me out here to the PNW.

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