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Ate at CowboyCiao, thanks to recommendations from several, including Wine+Art.
It was really wonderful. Had Lamb loin that was fantastic. Others enjoyed halibut and tuna.
Had a 2008 Paul Hobbs Malbec from Argentina "Felino vina cobos"--Mendoza. truly enjoyable.

In Phoenix we also ate at Chelsea's Kitchen
Very enjoyable. A bit loud. I had short ribs tacos which were excellent, and had a 10 oz pour of Melville Pinot Noir.

In Sedona ate at a place called Heartline which was also quite good. Had a glass of Arizona Stronghold Nachise, 2008. This is a red blend of mostly syrah and grenache, but it has some petit sirah in it also. The best Arizona wine I've ever had. Seriously, it had dark fruit and pepper and went really well with the steak I had.
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Not that anything is wrong with the list at Elements......but the list @ Cowboy Caio looks like a Medieval Bible when they place it on the table. It's massive.

BTW, we saw my wife's cousin at a local Buddy Guy concert recently, and decided to set up a dinner over at Vineland in Ontario, and he suddenly (Like in about 4 days)got a 2 yr. special project in Houston w/limited return trips back home. Darn.

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