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billhike posted:
robsutherland posted:

Last day of my 30's, sitting in a crappy airport, drinking crappy booze, dealing with really crappy clients while I watch my flight get delayed again and again.

I hope this isn't foreshadowing for my 40's...

You're at O'Hare?

Montreal. Going to st. John's Newfoundland (that got 12 inches of snow on Friday... ) for 12 hours then going back home.

I am so close to signing out.

The software selected sucks. Ease of use does not exist.  forum posting by all of us is close to dead, and needs CPR.  As I said initially, the WB software is straight forward, easy to use.  Not too happy with some of the posters there but....

Giving this a few more weeks then bye-bye

wineismylife posted:

Not sure why all of you guys are having such a hard time with this switch.  Since Robert has added in a few features per our requests I can navigate this forum quickly and easily.

I'm not having any difficulty navigating.  As with jc, I don't like the look.  For some reason I can't seen to put my finger on, I'm just not as drawn to the site as before.  I've definitely noticed an extreme slowdown in posts.


My suspicion is that a) some people didn't want to switch or verify their email addresses;b) some people don't like change; c) some people are on vacation and d) some people just don't want to be bothered.

We've had times when people who were prolific posters just stopped cold turkey, and others were driven away by the occasional spewing forth of meanspiritedness, and so forth.

I suspect, like Haley's comet, it will come back.  Hope it doesn't take 75 years, though.


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