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I am a very stable genius.


But what do his friends say?
F***ing Moron
F***ing Idiot
Willfully Uninformed

And those are the nicer comments.

... and these are the comments from his inter circle. Big Grin

Does anyone recall the correspondents dinner in 2011(?) when Seth Meyers pokes fun at Trump? This buffoon takes himself so seriously it is truly LOL funny.
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So, after Winfrey's speech last night, would America really vote for an absurdly rich second reality TV star with no political background?

More like... NOprah! Wink

Seriously, I’d vote for potato over Pence (or, God help us if he is still there, Trump).

But, I would never vote for a person with zero government or specific policy experience in a primary. And while I’m sure Oprah and Hanks are bright, neither has the academic background, universal awareness background, or brute strength intellect I would want to see in the next President — especially one with little to no serious experience.
It's a long story, but I gave Oprah Winfrey a ride to court once in 1980 or so. She was, at that time, a local news personality, pretty low on the totem pole, here in Baltimore. She was born in 1954, so she was around 26.
At that time there was some litigation going on in Baltimore. Oprah was to be a witness. She would have to testify against a local radio station and personality. I picked her up in my boss's Buick station wagon to take her to court. She was reading a Bible and sat in the Courtroom reading the Bible for, I suppose, strength and inspiration.
It did not occur to me then how hard it would be for a news person to testify about another media personality. And, Oprah was only 26.
In the 40 years I've been a lawyer I have noted that many people just refuse to be involved in Court cases. They may see a car accident, but not want to testify and claim they remember nothing. They just don't want to be inconvenienced. That is the norm. Or, they are just frightened of testifying and repercussions they perceive will be there.
Now, after all of these years, I realize what guts and strength it took Oprah to testify in that case. She did not refuse to be involved.
She had some relevant information to impart to the jury and did not shy from telling the truth. She felt that was her duty.
Again, it didn't mean all that much at the time to me. Reflecting on it, however, makes me think that at least at that moment, she had courage, strength, intellectual ability, honesty and forthrightness as some of her qualities. She does not appear to have lost these qualities and those qualities are not altogether unimportant. And, that was at age 26. She was a bit frightened of what she was doing, but she did it because it was the right thing to do.
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50 tomorrow. Gulp!

Happy birthday!

Lol, thanks b!
Crossed the dateline and it feels great. Last week I got an AARP application in the mail, WTF!!

Like the first robin of spring! Sign your an old F%*$

Wait a few years and then get the Medicare notice.
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Firing people sucks.

... some more than others. Wink
exactly what I was thinking.

Even having to recommend a termination of staff. Was on corporate staff all my work career, and had to make these decisions to terminate certain plant level folks.

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