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Originally posted by g-man:
i dont understand the vitriol surrounding such a simple phrase

not my president.

There is a very simple difference between accepting the state of the world vs being proactive and ensuring that while he may be my president, I dont accept alot his policies.

Slavery was common in early america too. If i were a slave, my plantation owner pat, would have been my master but it's rather silly to think that one should just relegate their lives happily being a slave.

So, you were not a fan of obama, did you sit there quietly and "suck it up"? Or did you do the american thing and write to your elected officials, voice your concerns, challenge policies of his that you felt were wrong?

so yes, trump is the president, but he's not my president.

G, let's break it down

US Citizen = Trump is your President

The fact that you and I don't like Trump, or Marc didn't like Obama, doesn't take away from the fact that as US Citizens they are our Presidents.

The phrase is "I don't like My President"
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Originally posted by patespo1:
Originally posted by mountainman:
where is the doomsday clock thread?

Apparently it struck midnight

That was to what my post referred - which means it again violated the name of this thread.


What, is Marvin in line for ambassador to France?
A background picture of the American flag that went up alongside the European Union flag as Pence and EU leader Donald Tusk spoke on Monday had 51 stars instead of the usual 50, one for each state. I guess PR was finally admitted Big Grin

The Brussels version of the flag had three rows of nine stars and three rows with eight stars each. American flags typically feature a total of nine alternating rows of five or six stars

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