Just found a glass in my office that had had a good sized tipple of Crown Royal Northern Rye in it from just before Christmas under a pile of papers (don't judge me). It was totally dry with a tobacco coloured stain on the inside from the evaporation (probably almost 2 oz).

I just put a splash of water in the glass to re-hydrate it and see if it would still taste like rye.

It didn't.

Originally posted by BOMBA503:
My on and off again girlfriend is working on a new CW network show this week. Those in the SD crew who have met her would agree it's a show she has been practicing her whole life for. It's called "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"

Run, Bomba, RUN!
Was 'politely escorted' out of our job site trailer today by a bunch of heavily armed federal agents. We were directly adjacent to the event but they didn't even know we were in there until one of our guys couldn't hold a poop anymore and came out looking for shitter Big Grin

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