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Originally posted by mneeley490:
Californians won't be happy until they can get designer weather.

Ok... Razz

I've had my fair share of crappy weather experiences (Hurricane Andrew, Oklahoma Tornadoes, Texas hail, Iraq summers, Afghanistan winters...etc), but we got drenched this weekend. Our dry ground doesn't handle that amount of water very well, so everything's flooded around us.

Having said that, the majority of the people here welcome the rain.
This stern decree, you'll understand
caused great dismay throughout the land
for young and old and shy and bold were equally affected.
The youth who winked a roving eye
or breathed a non-connubial sigh
was there upon condemned to die -- he usually objected,
He usually objected.

And you'll allow as I expect
that he was right to so object.
And I am right and you are right and everything is quite correct!
Male Defendant: Your Honor, I don't think my attorney can adequately defend me any longer. You see, I have feelings for him. I've expressed this to him, and now he no longer takes my calls or answers my letters. As difficult a situation as I find myself in, it is even more so with love in the mix.

(Public defender was a straight male, and blushing like Rudolph's nose in court.)

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