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@The Old Man posted:

"In perhaps his most incendiary remarks, Mr. Trump repeatedly declined to disavow QAnon, a pro-Trump internet community that has been described by law enforcement as a potential domestic terrorism threat. The president professed to have no knowledge of the group, and as a result could not disavow it, but then demonstrated specific knowledge of one of its core conspiracy theories involving pedophilia that is entirely false.

“'I know nothing about it,' Mr. Trump said. 'I do know they are very much against pedophilia. They fight it very hard.'" -- NYT

There is no way that we will ever be able to understand what is in the minds of people who support this man.

Ask Napa   you should get a real stupid answer from the troll

@flwino posted:

Ask Napa   you should get a real stupid answer from the troll

What a stupid question...who the F even knows who QAnon is.  Ridiculous.  The fact that  a TV host asks that question and will not ask the same about ANTIFA (an idea...ok right), is just asinine.  Who gives a F about QAnon. 

A senator asked if Judge Barrett ever paid for sexual favors....really?  What is wrong with you on the left.  Trump is a narcissist, a bit of a liar...but still 1,000% better than anything the left wants to put forth. 

From Trump media, "President Trump Vows To Continue Protecting Senior Citizens From COVID-19"

When did he start?

Now this is the Trump we all know:

"Former White House chief of staff, retired Marine Gen. John Kelly, has told friends that President Donald Trump 'is the most flawed person' he's ever known.

"'The depths of his dishonesty is just astounding to me. The dishonesty, the transactional nature of every relationship, though it's more pathetic than anything else. He is the most flawed person I have ever met in my life,' the retired Marine general has told friends."

It is very useful to make a stop in the fairyland websites of Fox "News" and OAN. In their headlines you may find the bellwether of what crap Trump's team is going to try to shovel as they desperately try to stave off defeat. As far as I can tell they are, currently, hoping that crazy man Rudy Giuliani will give the dirt on Biden's son through a bizarre chain of events concerning a laptop.  They're actually pinning their hopes on this. They are certainly going  with the "mail-in ballots are fraud narrative." These to me are currently at top of the attempted October surprise list. Let's see what happens.

20201016_215935"When the face makeup is 30 shades darker than the hand, it's technically blackface."


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Trump finally did that?  Is there video?

Well it's no longer the top item, it was that Jeffery Toobin's been suspended at the New Yorker for that above defense. I'd expect he will not be appearing on CNN before the election.

Anyway the new story is, "Talk radio legend grimly admits on air that his battle with lung cancer is now a 'death sentence"

"ANDREW MCCARTHY: Rush Limbaugh is an American original, there's no one like him. Keep him in your prayers."

He's a bastard who is certainly responsible for much of the sick, toxic political atmosphere we're living through. Just for  promoting the word, "feminazi" should mean there's a welcome place in hell for him.

@The Old Man posted:

"We have already seen Iran sending spoof emails designed to intimidate voters, incite social unrest and damage President (Donald) Trump," Ratcliffe added. "You may have seen some reporting on this in the last 24 hours, or you may have even been one of the recipients of those emails."

They're getting desperate.

Keep those e-mails coming.  Anything to help Joe

The GOP actually Tweeted this out:

"Pres. Trump is fighting for YOU! Here are some of his priorities for a 2nd term:

*Establish Permanent Manned Presence on The Moon
*Send the 1st Manned Mission to Mars
*Build World’s Greatest Infrastructure System
*Establish National High-Speed Wireless Internet Network"

Exactly the priorities we need with a pandemic which doesn't seem to be "vanishing soon like a miracle" and our economy in ruins. Also he had four years, two of them with both houses, so when exactly is "infrastructure week"?

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