Okay, *serious post* -- serious non-wine related post, that is... I've had nothing but problems (bad reception, dropped calls) with my BlackBerry Storm2 on the Telus network. I'm a business user who needs Outlook server, but who also likes functional apps like Google Maps. What would you replace the Storm2 with, considering the out-of-pocket cost, below?

- BlackBerry Torch, $100
- iPhone 3GS, $100
- iPhone 4, $159

Thanks in advance for any recos!
That's what I'm going to do. "5" comes out some time Q3, which is too long for me to wait -- so going with the "4."

I do like a big screen for Google Maps and apps, so it really came down to "4" vs BB Torch, latter of which most users are negative about.

Thanks for the reco Smile

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