What is the proper way to preserve sauternes after opening and how long can it be open for before fading. I only have a couple 750's and not sure if Mrs. Sky and i can polish off a full 750. However, if I have to, I can take one for the team...
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You didn't say which vintage. The age, sweetness, and relative acidity are all factors.
A young Sauternes might be fine even after a week. A 750 ml bottle is way too much for two people to consume and appreciate in one sitting. If it is a heavily boytritised year you would be smelling it in your sweat for days.

I recommend having an empty half bottle at the ready, filling it up and recorking. Then keep it refrigerated until opened again.

BTW, do have it with pate.
I opened a 2003 Lamothe Guignard on Tuesday and drank it over 3 nights. It seemed to show best on Wednesday but was still very good on Thursday. That was just from shoving the cork back in and putting it back in the cellar, no gassing.

I was actually thinking of having it over the holidays with seared foie gras.

I'm free that night.
3-4 days? A week? Have any of you actually tried keeping Sauternes? I have, and I do regularly.

Young sauternes will last in the fridge after opening for several weeks without much degradation. I kept a 375 of 2003 La Tour Blanche for at least a month and I would say it was better on the last sip than the first. Don't believe me? Try it instead of talking out of your back ends.
Originally posted by grossie:
I kept a 375 of 2003 La Tour Blanche for at least a month and I would say it was better on the last sip than the first.

I opened a 750ml of LTB on the 7th and have had some each night since. The first night the wine was very vibrant, crisp, and aromatic. Last night the wine was very one-dimensional, not so crisp, smelled like a dull white wine. Not even close to what it was the first night. I did not use the Vacu-vin, just recorked and put in fridge. Confused
I usually vacuvin, but the pressure if often gone a week later, especially on these small bottles. I'm not sure that Vacuvin does anything, BTW, but I do it anyhow.

Lou- perhaps my interpretation of improvement and yours are different from each other. I didn't love the LTB on the first night, finding it a little waxy and tight. I thought it softened up and became a lovely wine over the next couple of weeks/month.

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