We had a good marinade thread about a year ago, until it was pulled (closed topic here). Another addition that can dress up an otherwise ordinary piece of meat is a sauce or glaze.

Last night I made boring pork chops on the grill (just salt and pepper), but I dressed it up with a maple glaze which made it quite tasty.

5 Tblspn pure maple syrup
4 Tblspn cidar vinegar
2 tspn dijon mustard

Combine ingredients, and heat over med-high flame until reduced and thickened... about 5 mins.

So, what are some of your favorite sauces and glazes?
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With pork I tend to make a Madeira glaze. Reduce beef (or veal) stock w/ garlic and shallots and Madeira. Incredibly good. I admit that the sauce tends to overpower my favorite wine for pork though, pinot blanc. Can't win them all I guess.
Usually it's nothing but natural juices in my kitchen. I don't do glazes or rich sweet sauces, nor do I recommend to anyone else to indulge. Instead of smothering your pork with sugar glaze, research and invest in a better chop - good for you, good for the environmenement.
I'm not big on fruit and/or sweet sauces with meat. Trying to enjoy a great red Burgundy with food with a sweet sauce is futile and a waste of the wine. Certainly, you can go with a big Zin or Syrah with the sweet sauces, but I'll pass.

I make a chicken Portobello demi-glace that I keep in the freezer to add to my sauces. Green peppercorn is my favorite sauce.
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I prefer to deglaze pan drippings and make a nice wine reduction sauce.

Virtually all my sauces are begun by deglazing the pan. Usually the first liquid I introduce into the pan after the meat has been removed is Cognac. The wine comes later after the alcohol from the Cognac has been either flamed out or boiled out.
I am not a big salmon lover but....with this glaze, I love it! Just coat salmon with evoo,salt,pepper. Then I have my smoker loaded with apple wood and put salmon on. Mix up a little bourbon and alot of brown sugar and keep coating the salmon. You end up almost with a candied salmon, very good!!

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