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I have some strip steaks to make for dinner tonight, and planned on broiling them as we typically do with just the basic EVOO, salt & pepper. However, my pregnant wife's appetite is steering her away from just eating the steak straight up and wants some sort of sauce to go with hers.

Anyone have some good recommendations and the recipe? Ones that I think of off the top of my head that I have seen before with steaks are bernaise and green peppercorn, but I have no experience making them.
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Originally posted by thirsty man:
why ruin a perfectly good strip or ribeye steak with a sauce? If you want a sauce - make a hanger steak, flat iron steak, etc. I recommend doing it in a pan and making the sauce from the drippings (preferably with a glass of whatever you plan on drinking with the steak).


I only agree if you're having a truly high quality cut. Something dry-aged or particularly "prime" (not just some Wal-Mart USDA Prime steak). If you're grabbing a normal piece of filet, strip, or ribeye i don't think there's anything wrong with making a sauce or using a dry rub. They certainly enhance the flavor. Board-O's recipe above kicks ass and i've used it on filet mignon and ny strip.

i tend to be a "purist" when it comes to specialty meats, but there's no way the average grocery store ny strip, or even the average grocery store "USDA Prime" ny strip is so special that it shouldn't be rubbed or sauced.
Originally posted by Board-O:
If you want a great sauce, don't grill or broil them. Pan-sear them and deglaze the pan to make the sauce.

Here's a sure fire recipe. It mentions filet mignon but it will work just as well with strips or ribeyes.

I'll second the recommendation of this recipe. Have made it several times to great reviews. Also BRR's pan sauce is also very tasty. Couldn't go wrong with either option.


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