I didn't enjoy myself in Sao Paulo. Too many warnings about safety to feel comfortable about going out and about and normally I brush all of that type of stuff right off.

As for food, I did eat well a few times. We were taken to the original Fogo de Chao and it was darn good. Our local guide assured us Sao Paulo is gustatory destination so I'm sure you will find plenty of good eats.

We also had some of the best, most original sushi and unbelievable prices. Apparently, Brazil has the highest population of Japanese outside of Japan (or something like that) so there is a heavy influx of quality establishments.

As for wine, I didn't get the impression it's a big wine city other than outside of the nicest hotels possibly. My sample size is limited here though.

If you are there for a Saturday morning, make the time to enjoy the Feijoada. You WILL need a nap afterward, but it's a cultural food necessity IMO.
Originally posted by jorgerunfast:

Overall, that wasn't my experience. I was there for a very quick three day work trip about eight years ago and found the downtown (at least where I was) very tony and cosmopolitan.

And, it should be noted, the local "sights" can be quite spectacular, even for a Floridian. Wink
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Redknife has survived Mexico City and Medallin.
He'll be ok.

the sad part is that as far as random acts of violence go, and petty crimes are concerned, i was more scared of SP than DF. As for medellin, it's not what it used to be, it's pretty average in terms of danger in s.america.
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Originally posted by wine+art:
Redknife, be very careful. I have a friend that his company is pulling all of their people out of the city and closing their offices.

When I was a kid, there were companies doing that in Detroit Wink

I understand. Wink
per my most recent visit...

Traditional food:

Churrascaria Jardineira Grill

Bassi- Rua 13 de maio Bela Vista (TOP das Carnes)

Alfama dos Marinheiros (Portuguese food) Rua Pamplona Jardins

Lazzarella / Roperto / (Italian)) Bela Vista Rua 13 de maio

Lelis Tratoria Jardins Rua( street) Peixoto Gomide

For drinks:

Vila Madalena na Rua Aspichelta

Bar de Samba

Bar Mangueira ou Boteco do seu Zé
Sao Paulo

Huge cosmopolitan City (16 + million people)

90% of the cars are powered by ethanol (alcohol) which is significantly cheeper than gas

Huge traffic problem

Largest private helicopter float in America (secondary to traffic issues)

Very expensive city including wine. (A bottle of 2006 Salanques was $300.00 dollars at a restaurant) Eek

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