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I will be out in SF area (half moon bay!) for business first full week of January (7-10) and am planning a short 3 - 4 day trip afterwards, likely to Santa Cruz or maybe up to Sonoma/Napa.

My question is, will there be anyone around, or is this a dead time at the wineries? Will there not be much to tast through?

Or, could it perhaps be a great time to visit due to the fact that most people are starting their new business year, etc., and so I will have MORE time with winemakers?

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I'm guessing you're staying at the Ritz Carlton?

They have a lovely package for $75-$125 a person that includes a private tour and dinner with the winemaker at the nearest winery to the hotel. Or you could probably contact that same winemaker directly, you've got his email, and he doesn't charge $100 a person for anything Wink

I think early January is a pretty good time to come. It's pretty slow and other than pruning going on you should be able to get appointments with owners/winemakers around the area and spend some good time tasting with people.

The Ritz Carlton makes an 'ok' base, it's just a little tough to get out of Half Moon Bay. I've sent people to the Hotel Los Gatos and Seascape Resort

Powell had me write up an appointment guide on winodepot that's up to date. It's under the "Winery Tours" section. Vinocellar also has a really good thread on restaurants in the San Jose/ Los Gatos area.
I'm staying at the Ritz for business only (national sales meeting thingy)and then they are kicking my a** out when I have to put down my own credit card!

I'm still working on all the details (when/if my wife will be coming out, etc., etc.) but am thinking a day or so in the big city and then maybe 2 days in/around Santa Cruz.

I'll take a look a winodepot and be in touch with the winemaker to be named later!


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