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I was looking to do a little wine shopping today and according to Wine Searcher Pops in NY had one of the wines I was interested in. After a couple unsuccessful attempts to go to their website, it occured to me that it might be done due to Sandy. Anyone know if Pops did not fair well during the store and if there are other wine stores in the region that might have been hard?
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I quote from another wine discussion board.

<< I spoke to Michael Crafa at Pop's Wines in Island Park today. They got power and telephone service back on Wednesday and are open for business. Their website is still down as it is serviced by the local cable provider. The website may not be available for another week. But anyone wishing to reach Pop's can call (516) 431-0025.

Michael assured me that customers who previously purchased wines from Pop's have nothing to worry about. The wines purchased by customers awaiting shipment are stored in the warehouse on the second floor (along with incoming wines). There was no water damage in the warehouse area. Pop's personnel also got an electric generator operating on the day after the storm to keep the cooling equipment in the warehouse running. There was some very modest water damage on the first floor in the inexpensive/jug wine section, but the fine wines section of the store had no water damage.>>
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What an ordeal. We ended up closed for 11 days.

I saw that Pasanella, a store downtown Manhattan, is finally back to "normal."

I wish all of the LI/Queens/NJ stores the best. I hope no one goes out of business because of this.

hope you get back on yer feet soon.

3 of the retail stores near me couldn't even get inventory even if they were open.

but even so they tell me that business def took a hit =(
tried checkin in on pops on a few of my trips into long beach post sandy. Long Beach Road is shut down in numerous areas and traffic has been rerouted each trip I have made (different reroutes as well). Spoke to them on the phone they say they are opened and recovered, havent physically been there yet. Dont frequent many other south shore wine shops being a north shore resident. if sandy happened over the summer I think the shops (and some of our cellars) would have been hit much much harder.

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