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The week after next, Mrs. Slan and I are leaving the kids behind and heading south for a week in Florida!

Although I've been making an annual pilgrimage to the Palm Beaches for over 30 years now, it's only been the last 2-3 that I've been looking for some decent wine in the area. I certainly intend to hit the Costcos in Singer Island, Lantana and Boca Raton (since the Canadian Costcos aren't allowed to sell wine), but can anyone recommend some interesting wine shops in the area for me to check out?

Many thanks!
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One store I did well in was Laurenzo's at 16385 W Dixie Hwy (Hwy 1 & 163rd). It's an upscale supermarket (like Brunos with a huge wine section), and they have quite an amazing variety of wines there. It may be a bit south from where you are staying, but I quite enjoyed myself there during a rainy afternoon. (As an offside note, they had the 2000 Dead Arm there for $59 this past March)

Further south, there is Gulf Liquors at 1681 Alton Rd (Alton & 17th) which is not quite as good (although their Cali cab selection is pretty good). Their prices are a bit haphazard so you need to know your pricing. You'd only want to stop there if you were going to South Beach (they are open late).

I've heard that there is one good wine store up in Ft Lauderdale, but I've never gone there and can't remember the name. You might go to the Food & Dining section and search for:

WHERE - Miami
Where - Palm Beach
Where Ft. L
I'd recommend two chains:

1. Crown. The selection is good as are the prices. They have a nice assortment of cheeses and the best prices around for caviar.

2. ABC. Great selection of wines and similar prices.

One reason I like these is that if you find a wine, either rare, in limited supply, or in high demand, you may likely be able to get more at the other chains in the area. Both of these chains have numerous branches, many only minutes apart.

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Slan, I don't know about websites, but there are loads fo Crown and ABC stores in Palm Beach County. When we get down there, we head to the nearest ones and scout them out. The best buy we found there was the 2001 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Spatlese at $18 when either purchased by the case or singly with their free card on a Monday or a Thursday. Some of the prices are remarkably low. If you and your wife enjoy caviar as we do, head to the nearest Crown for caviar, Devon Creme, and bread or crackers. Don't forget the Champagne.

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Don't forget Wine Warehouse in Boca. You can get the address and phone # off They will have a good selection of values. Also, there has been a lot of deeply discounted (over 50% off in some cases) 96-99 Bordeaux in the chain.

Disclosure: I have no financial interest in this Wine Warehouse location but in another store in the group.
Hey Slan,

ABC Fine Wine and Spirits has a web site that you can use to find locations.

If you are in the northern Palm Beaches, I recommend the ABC store on Northlake Boulevard, west of I-95. They have a great selection, and also have a special "wine cellar" room where they keep the good stuff. Just ask them to open it for you, and you can stay in there as long as you like (bring a sweater!).

Crown Liquors has two stores on US 1, one in Riviera Beach, and one in Juno Isles. I recommend the store in Juno Isles.

Just slightly north of the Crown Liquors on US 1 is the Flame Liquors store, which has a wonderful selection as well.

Inlet Liquors has a store on Blue Heron Boulevard in Riviera Beach you might want to check out. They have another in Jupiter near Abacoa which is nicer, and has a better selection.

The Costcos are hit or miss, as far as selection. But you cannot beat their prices.

If you get onto Palm Beach island, take a walk through the Publix wine section, and then go to Hamptons liquor store on Royal Poincianna Way.
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Your welcome. Happy Cellars worked out well enough for you. Its prices are hit or miss. Some are quite high and some are ok. We saw that the Cellars opened in Aventura after this thread happened. The guy who helped me the most at the other store has moved there and it is closer to me, so I have started going there as one of the places I check out. We have gotten some good deals there. They are really short on rieslings though.

BTW- the 595 Costco has 2001 Beaucastel for $52 or so (somewhere in the low $50s, I do not recall the precise amount).
I missed joezam's post before we went to Florida, but I agree wholeheartedly with The Wine Warehouse. We discovered it by accident when driving past it. It's on the west side of Federal Highway (Rte 1) a little south of Yamato. The prices were the best around. Termes at $20. And for you Floridians interested in the '01 Numanthia, they have it.

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Although I stand by my position that the ABCs in Broward and North Dade are not the best, the closest ABC I can think of is straight west on Hollywood Boulevard about 15-20 minutes. I am not sure, but it is in the neighborhood of University, so it is pretty far west. There is also an ABC on US1 in Aventura, which is also about 15 or so minutes from you.

You may want to call some places. Wine Watch in Fort Lauderdale is about 20 minutes from you so can call and see what they have. Not sure about Crowns.

You could also do an ABC/Cellars Aventura trip. You may want to call around if you are looking for aged bordeaux.
Yes, I do work for ABC, but I only work out of one store (in Tallahassee). We have about 50 Wine Consultants company-wide that work out of most of our larger stores. To my knowledge, every store in S. Fla should have one. However, we can all pretty much get any wine that is available to any store, so dont hesitate to email me with any requests/questions, even if you arent going to be in the Tallahassee area.

Which stores have you been in?
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Funny you should ask. Big Grin I've been highly recommending your stores, as well as Crown, for your good selection and prices. I have one of your club cards, or whatever you call them. Last year, we went into the Boynton Beach ABC and found 11 bottles of the 2001 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Spatlese (96 points) at an unbelievable $20, or $18 by the case or with the card. I bought all 11 bottles and then went to almost all of the ABCs from Boca Raton to West Palm Beach, only to find them all sold out.

I have one suggestion for you. Why not carry caviar? Crown does and when we go to Florida (anywhere from 2-5 times a year), we go to Crown for caviar. Sometimes we buy wine there, and sometimes in ABC. Just before New Year's, I noticed people in the Crown stores buying caviar and wine or liquor. I noticed your stores have refrigerated cases, so it should be easy. Besides, you want to keep up with your competitors.

Just one more sip.
Funny you should mention that Riesling. I bought my fair share at $18 a bottle. Smile A few of our stores in S. Fla do have Caviar "coolers." In our case, though, not many people request high-end caviar, so many stores do not keep it on hand. However, if you ask the manager on duty in any one of our stores, they can order it for you (depending on availability) and have it to you within a few days if you're going to be visiting for a while. I know this is a bit of a pain, but I have been told that our prices are quite comepetitive, even though I dont go near the stuff. lol
Count me in as a fan of ABC. I especially like the bordeaux sales that happen about twice a year or so. It's given me the chance to buy some first growths (albeit from mediocre years) for less than $100 a bottle. The selection is normally quite good, as well.

Count me in on wishing for a caviar fridge. I understand that you don't want to have tins of caviar sitting around if no one is buying them, though. FSU, do you have a price schedule for the caviar?
I agree with those who recommended Wine Warehouse in Boca. It's a small shop, but they do have a very good selection the prices are better than I have seen in most of the shops in Palm Beach County. They often have wine tastings for little or no cost. You can also get some good deals if you're on their mailing list. Also, there is a Crown Wine and Spirits right across the street, so you can hit two birds with one stone!<g>
Originally posted by Rothko:
Count me in on wishing for a caviar fridge. I understand that you don't want to have tins of caviar sitting around if no one is buying them, though. FSU, do you have a price schedule for the caviar?

I'll look into it for you and send one your way. Send me an email at and I'll respond with the prices. Smile

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