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Rumaki is chicken liver, water chestnut and bacon on a skewer. I believe it is a chinese dish. I plan to drizzle evoo then heavily pepper the liver. I will prepare it on the grill.

What wine would go with this.

I have a...
French Reisling
California Cab
NZ Pinot
Spanish Tempranillo
Kenwood Sauv Blanc
Hess Chard
Bordeaux Blend 50% cab sauv/50% cab franc
Or a red Meritage like wine depite the fact it is blended with Zin, Castro Cellars XXIII.
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I did the Ramaki on the grill. I love the way the grill flavors things. The bacon, water chestnuts and liver tasted great. I threw some tomatoes on as a side dish. Strangley I discovered that grilled tomatoes with grilled bacon is a delicious match. I had it with an American Champagne Big Grin (I know you guys have seen European Vacation).

Board-O, you were right about red wine not matching liver. I had to waterpick and gargle before I could begin drinking my St. Supery Cab. It tasted awful till I cleansed my palate.

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