Sorry to see my favorite restaurant in sf close.
Stuart was doing amazing things in the kitchen and with the best Cellar in the city, Rubicon will be missed!!! Frown

Caesar, Lisa, Jason...I'll miss visiting with you guys. thanks for all the wonderful meals.
Caesar, I wish I could of pillaged the cellar one more time!!!! I certain you all will land on your feet
Jon Robinson MD
Bozeman, Montana
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Well, seems they blamed it all on San Francisco!!!

Maybe one day the city will realize you can't continue to make it unfavorable to do business. In a political sense...I hope its the first of many.

Bring Rubicon to Tampa, a tax friendly city in a tax friendly state. Just do something other than Steak...we have that covered here!!
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Originally posted by bonedocnine:
Do the chickens have sharp large talons???

If you're going to quote it, quote it right my man.

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