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This was a wonderful restaurant located in the heart of Downtown St. Helena.

Got a phone call yesterday evening from the chef/owner Vincent Nattress to inform me the sad news of they are closing up the restaurant.

It's very unfortunate such a fine establishment can't get enough local people to support their business while other more pedestrian tourist traps restaurants are doing fine.

My best wishes to Vincent on finding a new start to demonstrate his talent.

2003 Whirlwind Tour
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ah, another landmark in my life...asunder!
The hospital where I was born..demolished due to poor health standards.... Roll Eyes
The boat we were married on...
gone, retired Roll Eyes

The restaurant where I turned 40...gone Roll Eyes
It was a good time that evening, we were definitely in one of those moods at our end of the table, weren't we! and it is the only time
I have eaten bunny. Excuse me, Rabbit.
And, it did not amouse my bouche!

"From wine what sudden friendship springs!"

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