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Looking for advice on the best place to take my lovely wife for a special evening in Chicago.
We will be there for VINEXPO and will participate in an off-line on Sunday. For all of her patience with me "geeking out" at the EXPO I owe her something special on Monday.

Considering Narcisse, Ambria, Cafe Absinthe, Signature (Hancock)- any and all ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Looking for cool before stuffy, downtown, great winelist(obviously) and price is of no concern.

Sorry for the wordy post- it is my first ever evening post- I am use to scrambling with scribbling posts during the work day.

Again- my thanks-

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Ambria is a very good choice. Great food, great wine list, great atmosphere. Remember, jacket required for men.

Skip absinthe- they try way too hard to be trendy, to the point of being obnoxious (I like trendy places, I don't like this place).

Signature room may be good, but I've never been. The view from up there is great.

Consider MK- this is trendy, delicious and has a decent wine list. Spring is very nice, great food, decent wine list too. Naha is another one.

Try for other suggestions. Monday night might be tough, good luck.

Yes, but I came here for an argument.

Oh! Oh! I'm sorry, this is abuse.
TRU, is a great dining experience. Beautiful dining room, beautiful china and stems, great wine list, and good food. I dined there last summer and had a wonderful experience. I traveled to Chicago just to dine at TRU, Trio, and Blackbird, Trio was the best meal(a bit of a drive though). Tru had a better wine list, it was a very memorable experience. Wink
Unless you like your wine and your clothes smelling of Sterno, avoid Geja's. Fondue, while romantic perhaps, is very simplistic food and surprisingly expensive.

NoMi, Shanghai Terrace, and Tru are romantic and "cool".

If you're get in town Friday or Saturday evening, don't forget the chocolate buffet ($19.50 pp) at The Peninsula Hotel on Friday and Saturday nights!

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