Adam Schlesinger- age 52- victim of COVID-19

Lead singer of Fountains of Wayne, and he wrote "That thing you do" for the Tom Hanks movie.  The band got its name from the iconic store of the same name in Wayne, NJ which sold outdoor concrete sculptures and fountains.  The store has since gone under and the building leveled.  I guess there just isn't much demand anymore from people that want to put a statue of a boy pissing in the middle of their circular driveway.

And let me tell you, even after all these years, Stacy's mom still has it going on.

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Another COVID-related death: Ellis Marsalis Jr., father of Wynton and Branford.


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John Prine from Covid-19

I remember him kicking around in Chicago in the early 70s. I did not see him.

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John Prine from Covid-19

An American original

This sucks

Sure does.  I saw him many times and loved his lyrics, on-stage presence, and humor.  I need to listen to "Please Don't Bury Me" and thank him for a great life that colored mine.

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John Prine from Covid-19

An American original

This sucks

Of all the entertainer/celebrity passings in my lifetime, I can't think of one that hit me as hard as this.  I heard when he went into ICU, and then not much else for a few days.  I hoped (knew) that he was going to get the very best medical care possible.  I really believed that he'd make it.  Given his poor state of health, I was obviously overly optimistic.

I got into John Prine as a freshman in college (1975) and his music has been part of the soundtrack of my life ever since.  Agree with jc that his humor, spare but efficient lyrics and incredible ability to connect with an audience were all part of what made up a truly American treasure.  Hard to come up with "favorites" for someone like JP, but some to listen to for those not familiar with his work:

Sam Stone (I cried when I first heard this one.  Yeah, I was high... but whatever)

Angel from Montgomery 

Hello in There (one of his saddest and yet most uplifting songs)

Lake Marie (came to love this one later in life)

All the Best (if you've ever broken up with anyone, the first verse is fuking classic)

Souvenirs (top 5 for me)

That's the Way the World Goes Round ('s a half an inch of water and you think you're gonna drown.)

Bruised Orange.

Hard to go wrong with Prine, except for a few of his more gimmicky numbers.  

I was very lucky to have had the chance to bring my eldest granddaughter to see him the last time he was at Wolf Trap in Virginia.  She asked me, "Poppop, can we go see him again the next time he's in DC?"  My response was something to the tune of... "If he lives long enough darlin', we will definitely go."  

Make me an angel that flies from Montgomery,
Make me a poster of an old rodeo,
Just give me one thing that I can hold on to,
To believe in this living is just a hard way to go.




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Mort Drucker

One of the Mad greats. Consider that Al Jaffe is 99 and just stop doing Mad fold -ins last year when they went to reprints only.

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Al Kaline was a great baseball player. The youngest player at age 20 to win the batting title.

I missed this. RIP indeed. I'm young enough to have missed most of his best years but I'll always remember his performance in the 1968 World Series when I first started watching MLB. I also remember his work in the broadcast booth after he retired from playing with George Kell and Ernie Harwell during some pretty grim years for the Tigers.

It wasn't long ago that my idol Stephen Hawking died. I can't believe two years, I think the news was six months ago at the most. I really felt sad about the news, there's still a lot he could have done if he had the time.

I am so sorry to see this. He was a hero of mine. I have used his wine book for decades and he was so very right on so many occasions. I recall being given a 1958 La Mission Haut Brion that had been in a friend's relative's basement for years. Knowing how bad the 1958 Bordeaux vintage was, I was expecting garbage, but it was a truly excellent wine. I looked up the 1958 vintage in Broadbent's book and he said the vintage was horrible, except that La Mission had produced a very good wine.


Just two months after the death of Tony Fernandez at 57, former Blue Jays second baseman Damaso Garcia at 63.  People of a certain age will remember the tremendous contribution this duo made to the young but rapidly improving Jays franchise back in the 80's.      

Lester Eber....a wonderful man who had a successful wine & spirits wholesale distributorship (Eber Brothers) in New York State and Connecticut (Slocum & Sons). Died of Covid-19 on April 5 at age 82. His kids continue to run the operation in Connecticut. RIP Lester.


18 or possibly more innocent people in Nova Scotia. Very small consolation that the psychopath responsible is also dead. 

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One of the greatest coaches ever in any sport. My dad's favorite.

Naw!!  He was the greatest!!  Set records that I doubt will ever be surpassed.

The two Super Bowl’s in a row and the undefeated season are truly remarkable. I don’t think his most wins by a coach will be broken. RIP Don

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