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@steve8 posted:

It was your posts about skiing that made me think you were younger.

I'm supposed to go skiing at Taos in February. While we're still doing better than you guys wrt Covid the second wave has started and the number of cases is rising, to even higher numbers than April in some parts of the country (i.e. Alberta). At this point I wouldn't bet on the border being re-opened by February so we might both be out of luck. I'm not even sure ski resorts will be allowed to operate here unless things settle down before winter arrives. Or operate with lift restrictions so onerous the lines will be ridiculously long?

I'm getting offers from some backcountry cat and heli operators that are usually booked solid years in advance. No foreigners in 2021.

Even smaller groups than usual and 20% discount to Canadians.

"Bernard Cohen, Lawyer in Landmark Mixed-Marriage Case, Dies at 86. With Philip J. Hirschkop, he brought Loving v. Virginia to the Supreme Court, which struck down laws against interracial marriages." NYT.

At least this was one case that Judge Barrett said was settled law. I'm sure there's a bunch of Trump followers in VA who liked to see it reinstituted.

@brucehayes posted:

Eddie Van Halen, 65, from cancer.

Hard to put this into words, but there are certain songs you hear that can put you in a place and time in your past life.  Such is the case with Van Halen.  While I wasn't a huge fan, I can remember, first hearing them in a back alley in Mission Beach in '80 or so on an 8-track, first time hearing Dancing in the Streets in a VW fastback with some guy who spent way too much time and money on his audio, to the sound rooms at MB high watching a senior guy tap out Eruption.  Hell, my family sat down to watch One Day at a Time every week.  Songs like Ice Cream Man and Hot for Teacher are imprinted on my memory.

Do your self a bit of rock musical recognition, put on some headphones, turn it up to 11, and cue up Dancing in the Streets.

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Dr. J. David Lane.  Age 84.    He was one of the pioneer scientists who developed the smallpox vaccination, and, because in those days people actually believed in science, basically everyone globally lined up for smallpox inoculations.  Thus, smallpox was eradicated

Maybe we could learn something useful from this man's life-story for today's application.

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