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A friend of mine from high school emailed me to see if I had heard - she remembered how obsessed I was with the film and score when we were in high school.  We were once in a burger joint before we we supposed to go to a party and the movie was on one of the tvs and I refused to leave until it was over - we missed the whole party and stayed at the restaurant til closing

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Without question.


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Lewis:  A huge figure who devoted his life to fairness and equality, and tried his best to help others.  We could use more of his type.  A lot more.

Stand up, Mr. Lewis is about to pass by. 

When you look and understand the true character of this mans soul, then you see what 180 degrees the opposite looks like in the Oval Office.  Love and turn the other cheek / Hate and divide.... Spend your life trying to make your country a better place / Spend your life focused solely on oneself. 

This much I know. Mr. Lewis is universally loved and admired in his life and passing. The person sitting in the Oval Office will not enjoy such when he is gone. 

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