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The Old Man posted:

Sue Lyon at 73. I was just watching Lolita for the manyith (sic) time and was marveling at how she holds the screen against James Mason in the 2-minute continuous scene where Humbert interrogates her about if she's been going to her piano lessons. Remember she was a first-time actress at 14.

I didn’t see this news.

I recently rewatched The Night of the Iguana. 

The Old Man posted:
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napacat posted:

Chris Bilbro from Marietta Cellars...what a terribly nice man.  Had the pleasure of meeting him multiple times.  RIP.

He passed almost a year ago 

Indeed. A year ago this month. 

He's too busy watching Fox State News to keep up with local events.

I hear that Harry S. Truman died also.  Was this in FOX?

arsenal4ever posted:

Don Larsen. who IMHO, pitched the greatest game in baseball history. Perfect game in the World Series. I have the program from the game as my father attended.

Larsen's career record was under .500 and he got shelled in game 2 of that series in 1956, making the perfect game even more astounding.

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