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You’ll recall that John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were political rivals, but colleagues, and they died on the exact same day.
Turns out Ted Kennedy and John McCain were political rivals, each not quite getting to the Presidency, and they died on the same day also, 9 years apart, of the same form of cancer.
What a great man John McCain was.  What a loss to the country. 

Our condolences to his family.

Although he had a couple of stumbles in his political career, I always admired him. He truly believed in the principles and standards of our country, and fought almost more than anyone else to uphold them. Only those that made the ultimate sacrifice did more. I cannot think of a single person in DC today that is fit to take up his mantle, and the entire lot of them combined could never match his worth. 

Heard today that Bush II, Obama, and Biden will be speaking at his funeral. The POS was pointedly not invited to attend. But I'm sure that somehow he will try to make it all about himself.

McCain endured things that most people couldn't imagine, he loved his country and was a patriot.  I hope his family has solace and that he RIP.  I have some issues with his political stances, but I don't doubt that he did things that he thought was in the best interest of his country.  I wish we would have more people who cared as deeply as he did about the country that are in positions of political power.

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Don Panoz.  Did so much for sportscar racing from car design to tracks to governing bodies and everything else to drag it forward.  Still love his GT1 cars.

Thanks for the info.  Missed that he passed.  A fun guy, met him many times during my racing days.

A very nice guy and super smart. Invented the trans-dermal patch, most widely used as the nicotine patch and owned Chateau Elan in Georgia. He was a real wine guy. But I'll always like him the most for creating the American LeMans Series and dragging my home track Mosport out of the 60's and into the present. 

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