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Steve Ditko

Co-creator of Spider-Man with Stan Lee. Died at age 90 sometime last week. Found in his NYC apartment. May have been dead a few days. He was a true eccentric and a bit of a recluse. He fell out with Stan Lee because he never got the credit he deserved. But he was also a supremely talented and unique graphic artist. One of a kind.

His writing while always about food, was really about the greatness of being a city with so many varied countries' cuisine and peoples. This sentence, about his early time living in Korea Town explains it all:

“The neighborhood — the diversity of the neighborhood — may have been what drove me to write about food in the first place. Immediately before the riots there had been restaurants from 14 regions within a few minutes’ walk from my apartment. Not just the Korean, Mexican and Japanese places you might have expected, but restaurants from Sumatra, Thailand, Guatemala, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Holland, Colombia, Nicaragua, Japan and Peru among others — all coexisting, all more or less delicious. It’s one thing to decide whether you feel like burgers or pizza for dinner; another to choose between bangusempek-empek or brains masala.”

Amazingly he was also an assistant to artist Chris Burden during his dangerous performance art phase.

purplehaze posted:

Joel Robuchon.


I’ve been to l'atelier in Paris a few times, London a few times and Vegas a few times and loved them all.  The first time in Paris left a real impression and my wife and I still talk about a few of the courses.  The mashed potatoes of course are legendary and worthy of the praise.  

Went to the 3 star in Vegas once and while still had a grand time always felt his best venue was L’atelier.  

RIP to a great talent that really changed the game.  

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