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mangiare posted:

I'm still shaken by this. Not many people on the screen allow you to connect with them to the point of actually feeling you personally know them. RIP 

On another note, my wife and I stayed in the hotel in Kayserberg less than 2 years ago where they found Bourdain. One of the best meals I've ever had. 

When we were in Vietnam in February we went to the spot in Hanoi where he took Obama. We discovered it was just around the corner from our hotel. It's a tiny hole in the wall joint - as are most of the best spots in Hanoi.

There are now multiple photos on the walls of the owner posing with both Bourdain and Obama.

I would say that our decision to visit Vietnam for 3 weeks was influenced to some degree by Bourdain and his passion for the country and its food.

sd-wineaux posted:
captaincancun posted:

I once ate a taco with Anthony... He is an amazing guy.

It's going to take a while addressing him in the past tense. 


I'd love to raise a glass and talk with you about that. Well, anything, but we could start with that.

That would be nice, if you ever travel to the Pacific Northwest and can visit Vancouver Island let me know when.

Apart from winter which is when I recharge down south.

Anne Donovan.  Hall of Fame basketball player (Naismith Hall of Fame in 1995, inaugural class of the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame in 1999, and in 2015 the FIBA Hall of Fame), three time Olympian (two gold medals) coach, and mentor to many basketball players (both women and men).  And by all accounts, one heck of a great person.

purplehaze posted:

Charles Krauhthammer.  I disagreed with almost every opinion he had, but respected his intellect and writing.  Sometimes you need to listen to those you disagree with.


Agree completely with PH. Even though I disagreed with a lot of it, he was a fantastic writer. Especially when he would do a column on sports. Interestingly, as a staunch conservative, his most recent columns were very anti-Trump, and made for fascinating reading.

purplehaze posted:

Charles Krauhthammer.  I disagreed with almost every opinion he had, but respected his intellect and writing.  Sometimes you need to listen to those you disagree with.


He will be missed.  If only we had more people like Charles on both sides of the aisle who could discuss political matters civilly and from a position of well reasoned ideology, we would be much better off.  Political discourse has gone off the cliff, and is the main reason I don't get into political discussions on social media and am careful with discussions in public.

bomba503 posted:


Spoke to a generation few on this board will be able to appreciate or relate to

Count me among the few...  I am not a fan of the genre, so forgive my ignorance.  It sounds as though he was a violent misogynist.  I respect your musical insight, and would appreciate a brief comment on what I'm missing.  


sunnylea57 posted:

Well this one sucks. Harlan Ellison. 84 years old.

That's odd. I was just thinking about him yesterday.

Image result for Harlan Ellison

I met him a couple times back in the 70's. This is how I remember him. I'm pretty sure I saw him wearing the same outfit. He was in his early 40's then, and such a powerhouse of a personality packed into about a 5'6" frame. Loved his stories, but in the past 15-20 years, he devolved into a pretty bitter, litigious old man. Spent all his time worrying and suing for any perceived copywrite infringements, instead of sitting down and creating new tales. Still, my fascination with his Deathbird Stories made my folks really wonder about me.


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sunnylea57 posted:

Harlan Ellison. 84 years old.

First discovered him through the excellent anthology he edited, Dangerous Visions. Also wrote probably the best Star Trek TOS' episode The City on the Edge of Forever. If you ever get a chance to read his short story I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream it will having you screaming in horror.

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