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Originally posted by wine+art:
Originally posted by wine+art:
Sally Yates
Michael Flynn
Preet Bharara
James Comey
Michael Dubke
Walter Shaub
Sean Spicer
Reince Priebus
Anthony Scaramucci
Steve Bannon

Stay tuned...

Add Gorka

The added revolving door at the White House during Trumps vacation will be used often. Eleven and counting. What a leader!

Next up...

Tom Price joins the ever growing infamous list.
One of my favorites during my college years and started out in his hometown of Gainesville, FL. Haven't seen him live in awhile and he always put on a good show. Recently downloaded a hi rez version of his greatest hits that I'll be listening to tonight (though I have all his albums through the early 90's and 3 concert DVDs).

RIP Tom and I trust you will put on a great show for the folks we lost in Vegas.

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