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wineart 2 posted:
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arsenal4ever posted:

Henri Richard at 84. The Canadians Flying Frenchmen of the 60s and 70s got me excited about hockey. The strike ended that love affair.

RIP “Pocket Rocket”.

No one has as many Stanley Cups. (11) 

At least as a player. Jean Beliveau had 10 as a player and 7 as an executive. 

vinole posted:
sunnylea57 posted:

Jazz great McCoy Tyner

Bummer.  I still listen to his work on a regular basis.  He will be missed. Probably the last great one left of that generatio is Sonny Rollins, who turns 90 later this year, and was still performing a few years ago.

Was thrilled to see Sonny at an intimate venue here in Toronto. It doesn’t seem long ago, but I just did the math and it was more than 20 years ago. 

thistlintom posted:
The Old Man posted:

From Yahoo Sports, "Harlem Globetrotters icon Fred 'Curly' Neal dies at 77 years old."

Saw him in the golden days with Meadowlark.

Hey , I can agree with you.  Loved the Globetrotters as a kid, Meadowlark and Curly Neal were so entertaining.

Forgot about Curly Neal. Remember they actually made a Saturday morning cartoon featuring them? It wasn't good. Remember Saturday morning cartoons? Great start to the weekend after a week of school.

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