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thistlintom posted:

Divot, our 12 1/2 year old greyhound.  We put her to sleep last night after discovering cancer on her spleen and in her intestines.  It only seemed to bother her this past week.  It can be hard to know when dogs are ill, they are so stoic.  We rescued her from the track at 2 years old, she never raced, she had a mind of her own.  She had a great life but we are going to miss her.

So sorry for your loss. I completely understand. We had to do the same to our 10 year old dog this past summer. I still miss her every day. 

The Old Man posted:

Sue Lyon at 73. I was just watching Lolita for the manyith (sic) time and was marveling at how she holds the screen against James Mason in the 2-minute continuous scene where Humbert interrogates her about if she's been going to her piano lessons. Remember she was a first-time actress at 14.

I didn’t see this news.

I recently rewatched The Night of the Iguana. 

The Old Man posted:
wineart 2 posted:
bomba503 posted:
napacat posted:

Chris Bilbro from Marietta Cellars...what a terribly nice man.  Had the pleasure of meeting him multiple times.  RIP.

He passed almost a year ago 

Indeed. A year ago this month. 

He's too busy watching Fox State News to keep up with local events.

I hear that Harry S. Truman died also.  Was this in FOX?

arsenal4ever posted:

Don Larsen. who IMHO, pitched the greatest game in baseball history. Perfect game in the World Series. I have the program from the game as my father attended.

Larsen's career record was under .500 and he got shelled in game 2 of that series in 1956, making the perfect game even more astounding.

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