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mneeley490 posted:

So our Twitterer in Chief had to weigh in on this, retweeting a conspiracy theory on how convenient it was that Epstein died just before he was going to spill some dirt on Bill Clinton.  The bar gets reset lower each day.

The bar is below ground level.  Like the sewer level.

See in teh paper this morning that the jail was understaffed, and many of the 'guards' were not guards, but other staff.  Gets sicker as this goes on.

Good old "DOB"    Dept of Barr

arsenal4ever posted:

Old Man - You are the second person on this Forum who somehow thinks I support Trump. You are horribly mistaken. Go back and find one post that suggests that. Pointing out the failures of both parties, neither of which I support, and the rhetoric spouted here by people like yourself, happens to make my day.

I apologize and will remove it. Of course it's your rhetoric that I think gives more than a few people the impression that you support the pussy-grabber-in-chief. (And PS, I think it's a pretty sad way to get your jollies.)

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bomba503 posted:

I know that. I was just testing your knowledge

growing up everyone used to say I looked like Brandon Cruz who played Eddie. Had the same hair, smile and freckles

People said I looked like Earl J. Waggedorn, Julia's son's friend. I went around calling myself Earl J. Waggedorn, the third. I was 7 when it debuted, and I remember being mad at my mother at some point, and telling her that I wished that Julia was my mother, because she was so pretty and nice. Yes, I was a terrible kid; I'm surprised that I survived to adulthood. 

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