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Replies sorted oldest to newest The operative word in your response is "somewhat." There is no somewhat in cooking. There is the proper way and then there are all the other ways.

The texture of the ground meat is critical. You are not making paste here, it's hamburger!!! A meat grinder is $30. You can use it to make sausage and other good stuff. Buy one. Or send me your frikkin' ribeye, and I'll grind it for you.

Just make a smoothy out of it, and you won't have to add any protein powder.

Ribeye is tasty because it has a lot of fat in it. Why not just buy the highest fat content pre-ground hamburger at the market? Or buy ground sirloin and tell the butcher to run it through again with some extra fat cuttings.

Or, just buy the ribeye at the butcher and ask him to grind it for you. But duck quickly because he will most likely throw a knife at you.
Originally posted by Bella Donna:
A meat grinder? Why would I need a meat grinder? I refuse to buy a food processor because anything a food processor can do, a blender can somewhat do.

Theoretically, will a blender grind the meat into hamburger meat?

Red wine? Why would I buy red wine? It's the same as white wine isn't it?
I can make red wine by adding food colouring, dessert wine by adding sugar
and sparkling wine by putting it in a soda syphon.

(For the record, I think Bella is winding you up. I hope she is.)
I knew this would be an interesting thread when I saw BD started it and wanted to waste a ribeye to make a burger. I wasn't disappointed. Is it just me or is the idea of using a ribeye steak to make ground (or liquified) meat for burgers just plain wrong?

Bella, I'm sure I don't need to pass this culinary wisdom along to you, but if for some reason the blended meat seems a little tough, just give the patties a couple of passes over with your Michelins.
Originally posted by PurpleHaze:
A meat grinder is $30. You can use it to make sausage and other good stuff. Buy one. Or send me your frikkin' ribeye, and I'll grind it for you.

I don't have room in my kitchen for another piece of equipment; nevertheless, a piece of equipment I will use only a few times a year. I have no desire to make sausage.

Will I need to put anything else in the mixture besides the meat itself? Flour, corn starch, something like that?
This is one of the things I love about this forum. I couldn't find 5 other people within a 50 mile radius of here with such great ability to tell funny food jokes.

Actually BD, you are smart not to own a meat grinder. Besides not cluttering the apartment, you also get to keep all your appendages. Just find a good butcher and have him do whatever.

Do add as much grain as possible into the ground ribeye. YOu would not want to risk the possiblity that it will taste too much of ribeye when you get done.
I just read this whole thread for the first time. My eyes are watering from laughing so hard. I am sure that I can't say anything that would measure up.... there are some seriously funny people here.

When I first read the "blender question", I thought that it must be a joke, even from Bella, but in about 5 seconds I realized that it wasn't. Whooooooo. I'm still laughing so hard I'm crying.

Sure, Bella, go ahead and use the blender and post the results. Pleeeeeeeease?

We love it when you "improvise."
Originally posted by Berno:
Using a blender or food processor would would basically cause air to be added to the meat. That would cause dry shrunken burgers.

I don't agree with that, Berno. I use a food processor all the time to chop things - it's called "pulsing." I also do things like pesto in the blender. No air issues. And in a pinch, I've used a blender using the same technique. A blender is much more difficult, but the downside is not about aeration.

In the distant past, I remember actually using a food processor once or twice to chop meat for hamburgers (adding other ingredients also). It is not nearly as good as grinding meat, but it's possible to do it and still yield a decent burger. The essential problem (in my experience) is not about air, it's about shredding the meat too fine - the texture is all wrong. Just my two cents.
what speed does she need to be traveling when she runs it over Confused

what gear Confused

if she does a burn out on the meat will that grind it any Confused

can she put it in a vaccum bag with marinade and run that over to help infuse it Confused

do differant marinades need differant speeds or gear selection Confused

can she just put it all in the blender then run the blender over Confused

what setting should the blender be on when she runs it over Confused

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