rib roast - wine pairing?

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Slow cooked rib roast, with salt, pepper, coriander, onions and garlic.

What wine?
Sorry, just had to do it...go with an old world styled cali cab, bordeaux or rhone (i prefer northern). Oh, and if it were me, the more age the better...and one more thing, leave the coriander, onion and garlic off the meat. Good meat, cooked right, does not need it.
Snowed in, so we invited the neighbors over. Nice people who like wine.
Wound up with a 2001 Carruades de Lafite, Pauillac and a Benziger Oonapais 2005 (Sonoma)--it's a Bordeaux blend.
The Bordeaux got 92-94 points Wine Spectator: "Lots of tobacco, berry, currants and cedar character. Medium- to full-bodied, with good tannins and a fresh finish. Too good for a second wine." (03/02) According to Robert Parker: "...an impeccably made effort..." (04/02) K&L's notes - 42% Merlot, 50% Cab, 6% Cab Franc, 2% Petit Verdot. The merlot shines through here. Round and supple on the palate.

I really liked both wines. I opened them around 4:00. Decanted the Bordeaux. Just left the Benzinger to sit. Ate at 7 or so.
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Rib Roast is one of the reasons I age my cabs. Wink

I age them because they taste better, but whatever floats your boat Sandy. Razz

Your warning is duly noted! Razz

We need to round-up Stickman also.

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