Reynvaan 2013 - am I missing something?

I'm a big Cayuse fan and even though I've been on the list for a while , I'm still starved for their wine.  I thought that I had solved my problem when I discovered Reynvaan. The reviews on WS were good and everything about them promised a Cayuse-like experience. I got some 12's which were fine and then I loaded up on 13s and 14s. Recently, I've tried a couple of 13s and been disappointed.  They have the petroleum funk of Cayuse, but not the weight and concentration. It almost feels like I'm drinking WD-40.  My first thought is that I'm early, but these wines are not big and tannic like a Cayuse would be.  Maybe a bad bottle, but I've tried 3 so far.  

Is anyone out there a fan of Reynvaan?

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The Unnamed has been the most restrained to me. I had a '14 In the Hills that was great. I'd try an In the Rocks, Foothills Reserve or an In the Hills before passing further judgement. 

I plan to hold at least a couple of each for over 5 years. 

Agreed. I believe the unnamed was also co fermented and they eliminated it from their offerings. My experience has been the wines are great on release them enter a dumb phase. I don't have enough history to know how long it lasts so I drink half of what I get on release and hide the rest.

What I've tasted of the 13's would support the idea of a dumb phase.  The reveal for me is that these wines are not like Cayuse (for better or for worse).  When you look at the location of the vineyards and the relationship between Matt Reynvaan and Christophe Baron, you'd think that they would be be similar, but no. Cayuse is definitely much bigger and tannic and hard as nails when young.  I guess I'll leave my 13's alone for a while and hope.

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