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The aroma of this Kabinett is reminiscent of apple and pear(tastes better than it smells). There is noticeable acidity. It is not strong/sharp or citrus like. In regards to the palate I would have to say this Riesling mostly exhibits a tropical/pineapple-like flavor. Again the acid is there but is quite mild. There is also a hint of peach/apricot.

Honestly this seems sweeter than the Leitz Spatslese that I tried about a month ago. I actually expected it to be a drier wine. No mineral or petrol characteristics as far as I could tell. It is sweet and tasty, but maybe guilty of being a little one dimensional.

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That shows how green I am when it comes to Reisling. There is a little ribbon-like decal with Famili Reuscher 1694 and Famili Haart 1337 on it. On the bottom of the bottle it says Gutsabfullung Weingut Reuscher-Haart. The producer must be Reuscher-Haart. Its all Greek (German) to me. I did not even notice till you said something. Smile

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