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Lady -

we are talking about the same thing, though the one at the Beverly Hills Hotel is a seperate room with a glass wall to watch the kitchen. i don't know if they still have it, but i did 'Table 1' @ Josie in Santa Monica right around when it opened. awesome experience watching Josie Le Balch do her thing in her first, signature restaurant.

i would actually be one to consider it the best seat in the house, but that's just me... but i know what you mean by not being the "best" table as it is hot (temp from the ovens), loud, & chaotic... but it is something to have the head chef talking to you about your meal as they prepare it

where were you looking to do this? i'd just call around and ask...
Yes, I love all the commotion and choas in this spot, very fun while drinking wine. Yes, it is the "best seat" in the house I agree.

I wasn't really looking, but just more inquiring, because the only place I ever went to and did this at was Buca de Pepo in Brea a few yrs back, and I had to call ahead way in advance to reserve this table.

It's just a fun plan to have available.
Excellent. Amuse yourself reading the notes and signatures from famous people that signed on the wall surrounding the table while you are utterly amazed at the play unfolding in front of you at each of the stations in the kitchen. Fantastic! First class service and top notch food along the lines of the French Laundry. Four hours and 13 courses later I could have died right there. Cool

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