Reduce Alcohol %age in wine

So if the wine companies decrease their alcohol level, will the cult wines be more available

So they reduce the level from 15% to 12% . There would be a 20% more wine. Dumb logic. Cannot believe that the wine would taste the same, no matter what Makers Mark says about their brew.

Anyhow bourbon buyers soon will be drinking a slightly watered-down Maker's Mark bourbon. Maker's Mark announced the change Saturday. Maker's Mark Chief Operating Officer Rob Samuels says reducing the alcohol from 45 to 42 percent is the only way to meet higher demand. Samuels told the brand's "ambassadors" (fans) via email Saturday that the company couldn't keep up with demand for the bourbon worldwide. So it's cutting the alcohol from 90 proof to 84 proof, a 3 percent decrease, to put more bottles on the shelves. Samuels says the taste will stay the same.
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I don't drink the stuff, but don't they "purify" it each time they distill it? So that suggests that they'd distill it less? How else? And if they distill to make it smoother, seems like it would be rougher with less distilling.

As I said, I don't drink it so maybe someone can explain the correlation between the small reduction and the extra booze they'll have.

Of course, they could simply increase their capacity, but that might be costly. Are they lowering the price?
i thought bourbon is actually made to north of 160 proof and what the distiller does is add water to it until he brings it in line to 90 proof or so and adjusting till he gets the right balance of taste.

the wine analogy wouldn't necessarily be the same then in that case.

They could make the case that lowering it by 3% people won't taste the difference at all for the crappy bourbon and if anything they might say it might taste sweeter and smoother.
gman is correct. When any spirit is made it is brought to a high proof - usually over 120 and up to 160 or so and then aged in barrel. When it's ready for bottling it is watered back to the proof level the maker wants.

When you have something that is 'cask strength' it's from the cask with out water added. In Maker Marks case the lower final proof will allow more cask strength spirit go a longer way.
It has been released and they taste the same. Reducing the ABV by three points will increase their production to meet demand. Since I live and work in the bourbon capital of the world this will not alter your impressions of MM. Lets not forget that Jack Daniels has decreased their proof TWICE in the last 20 or so years. From 90 to 86 to 80
I think it depends very much on the whisky, which alcool level is best, some taste better at 46%vol, others at 40%vol. I dont agree that it makes no difference though, but then i'm not a Bourbon expert.

As for wine, i've seen a person pouring water into a glass of Argentinean Cab, claiming the wine was too intense. Note to self: order some Beaujolais for that person next time.

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