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If the Redskins should change their name, I'm suggesting the "Washington Wildebeests."  First, you get the alliteration thing. Second, wildebeests, also called gnus, are aggressive and strong, perfect for a football team. Finally, if someone should market bootlegged Wildebeest sweatshirts and the like, you could call that "Fake Gnus."


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I kinda like Wildebeasts. 

Simply “Reds” would also work. 

Or “Saber-toothes”. (Saber-teeth?)

The whole thing is so ridiculous. First of all, the name is a slur. But second of all, even with the Indians and the Braves, having your team name be an ethnicity is just absurd and intrinsically offensive. “The New York Jews.”  “The LA Black People.”  The premise is absurd. Even if the name was meant to evoke fierceness and honor, the result is to diminish and ridicule. So just change the name  And sell more merchandise in the process. 

Washington Redtails.

Posted online in a few places:

"Red Tails has support for a few reasons. The Tuskegee Airmen, African-American pilots who fought in World War II, referred to themselves as the Red Tails, and the team has indicated it would like to honor the military with its next name. The red-tailed hawk, a bird sometimes seen in Washington, D.C., could serve as the team’s mascot. The name would also allow the team to keep and only slightly alter its fight song, with fans singing “Hail to the Red Tails.”"

Seems appropriate to me.

My university, Miami(OH), took their name from the Miami tribe that lived in the Southwest part of the state.  Their nickname was the Redskins, and was changed in '97-'98 at the request of the Miami Native Americans, to the Redhawks.  

The school has been around since 1809, so much longer than the Washington football team.  I think they, and their fans, will get over the name change.  

My baseball team in Cleveland is most likely changing their name also, and the people complaining about it baffle me.  It's a nickname/mascot of a sports team, there are bigger fish to fry in this life.  

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