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Hi all.

I would like some help with getting into the world of red wine. I am a newb when it comes to wine. I struggle to understand all the regions and different grapes(I am especially clueless to wine outside of the United States, with the exception of Chianti, which I LOVE.) Basically, my knowledge is that "good wine comes from Napa Valley". Obviously, I know that's not true, but you get the point (I KNOW NOTHING). I can hardly tell you what good wine tastes like (I can't pinpoint flavors), but I do know what I like. I am a big fan of the dry red range. For instance, I love a good Cabernet or Merlot. So far I have tried a lot of reds. Syrah (shiraz?), Merlot, Cab Sauv, Pinot Noir, etc. My 2 favorite wines that I've had are Whitehall Lane Cab Sauv 2004 and a Stryker Cab Sauv from 2008. Currently, I am a member of the wine of the month club at a domestic winery called Cooper's Hawk (has many locations around the US, which costs me $18.99 a month and the wine is "Ok".)

Could someone educate this poor newb? Provide guidance on where to learn this stuff? Give advice? Make suggestions of great starter wines (hopefully, that don't break the bank, although I know wine is an expensive habit, much like cigars I started to play online casino real money (found it on the and hope to get good wining.?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks, everyone!

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You need to go to a good wine store (I'm not talking Costco here) and befriend a person who works there. Chat up wine. Go to a tasting the store might have.  The world of red wines is vast.  Check some of the posts here on inexpensive wine.  You'll find some good buys in Washington State wines.

I, personally, find store tastings to be the best to be able to run through alot of wines.  You can then have a convo with the sales rep and they'll provide you with a bunch of info about the wine.

I still keep a little notebook on me to write notes, but nowadays I just write shorthand flavors and will recollect on the notes later.

Great reds under $20.

French wines


chinon or bourgeil/Cabernet franc

cotes du Rhône/Grenache based wines

crozes hermitage/ Syrah

Italian wines


nebbiolo de Alba or other Nebbiolo wines

cerasuolo di Vitoria /Nero de Avola and Frappato blends

Spanish Wines

Rioja/Tempranillo Enjoy the Juvenile, crianza and reserva wines for experiencing aged wine vs younger examples.






Like Irwin said a great wine store is a must.

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