Hi just signed up so hello to everyone.
I would like to get some suggestions for wines based on ones I have found.

I've found I really like red wine from Spain... especially Etim and Riscal (Old Vine Grenache and Tempranillo grapes). Best way to describe what I like is Huge Big red no edges.

I tend to stick to red but have found I do like some Spanish white wines too.

I'd love some feedback and suggestions.

Thank You
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Efor... I didn't see your post before. My wife and I really love Ribera del Duoro. We haven't had too many Rioja's; however. I listed some of our favorites here. But year in and year out, I always buy Condado de Haza.

For Spanish ratings, I find Tanzer is second to none. For my palate, he hits the nail on the head.

If you like Riojas like those of Marques de Riscal, you could try wines from Cune (CVNE), made to the same style. If you want a slightly more modern approach, you could try Muga.

Should you get tired of this style and you are prepared to shell out some cash, I really recommend you try a Gran Reserva from Granja Remelluri. These wines become almost Burgundy-like in character with age, and are quite sublime. However, I wouldn't call GR huge with no edges.

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